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Complete Putera Mulya Bus Agent + Nearest Pool Phone Number

Putera Mulya Bus Agent – Vehicle comfort is one of the most important factors to support long-distance travel.

Not 1 hour 2 hours, long distance travel via land takes a very long time even up to days.

This is because the comfort of the vehicle will affect the condition of the body while on the trip until afterwards when it arrives at its destination.

Putera Mulya Bus Agent

Now, choosing a means of transportation is very easy and can be done by looking at passenger reviews on several online media.

Putera Mulya Bus is one of the POs that has a premium class fleet with complete and luxurious facilities.

This is done by Putera Mulya to provide comfort and entertainment so that passengers don’t get bored during the trip.

In addition, this PO is also predicted to be a pioneer in the use of double decker buses that pass through the Trans Java Toll Road.

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About Putera Mulya Bus

Putera Mulya was founded in 1985 by Mr. PH Soegiyono using only 2 microbuses.

At that time, by relying on a microbus fleet with a capacity of 12 people, it already had a round trip route Ngadirojo – Jatipuro – Wonogiri – Jatisrono.

After several years, in 1992, to be precise, Mr. PH Soegiyono’s transportation business, which was originally a minibus, changed to an autobus.

By obtaining permission from the Regent of Karanganyar, Regent of Wonogiri and Mayor of Surakarta, he pioneered PO using buses that are used as AKDP rural transportation.

Along with the passage of time, the company continues to grow and even provides not only AKDP transportation, but also AKAP transportation which has a route to Bandar Lampung.

Precisely in 2011, Putera Mulya officially changed its name to PT Putera Mulya Sejahtera and partnered with PT Timur Terang Transindo led by Mr. Glenn A. Widodo.

This company is also engaged in transportation but for goods and wants to expand its business to otobus land transportation.

As previously mentioned, at the end of 2016, Putera Mulya Bus created a new trend in Indonesia by presenting a double decker bus.

This fleet of 2 units has the Jetbus 2+ Super Double Decker type with Scania engine which has the Jakarta – Wonogiri route via the Trans Java Toll Road.

Putera Mulya’s Popular Bus Routes

Currently PO. Putera Mulya serves dozens of routes with inter-city routes between provinces on the island of Java.

The following are the popular Putera Mulya bus routes that are often used by passengers:

  • Jakarta – Wonogiri
  • Jakarta – Alone
  • Jakarta – Klaten
  • Bogor – Solo
  • Bekasi – Kebumen

Complete List of Putera Mulya Bus Agents in All Cities

As admin explained above, PO. Putera Mulya has many bus agents spread across Java.

The following is a list of addresses and phone numbers for the nearest Putera Mulya bus agent that you can contact.

Putera Mulya Bus Headquarters :

  • Address : Jl. Raya Ngadirojo Wonogiri – Central Java
  • Phone : 0812-1368-0000
  • Email : [email protected]
  • Website :
  • Instagram account : @puteramulya_sejahtera_official

1. Putera Mulya Jabodetabek Bus Agent


Agen Phone
Cilandak 0853 1347 3018
East Jakarta 0852 1506 7969 / 0812 8098 3725
Pinang hut 0821 1152 6432 / 0858 8739 0966
Pulo Gebang 0852 1506 7969 / 0812 8098 3725
Ciledug 0812 9405 122
Wednesday market 0856-9558-0990
Grogol 0878-3462-3993
Kalideres 0812-1004-3542
Cengkareng 0823-1111-8803


Agen Phone
Cileungsi 0857-1988-7737


Agen Phone
Pores 0813 5140 6669
Chilli Cottage 0812-1974-7700
Ciputat 0813-8642-5049 / 0821-1491-6414


Agen Phone
Bekasi 0812 1037 2712
Bekasi east 0821-1254-7498
Bintara Jaya 0812-8438-2885
Pondok Gede 0852-8557-6168
Cikarang 0813-8339-5744

2. Putera Mulya Bus Agent West Java

Agen Phone
Clary 0812-1987-1522
Karawang 0822-1312-8144
Purwakarta 0822-1071-0016

3. Putera Mulya Bus Agent, Central Java

Agen Phone
Semarang 0896 6921 6179
Salatiga 0853 2910 2810
Kartasura 0821 3666 1004 / 0813-2970-3689
Solo 0812 4543 9033
Klaten 0822 1183 0972
Purwantoro 0852 2930 7005 / 0813 3524 1008
Sukoharjo 0853 8543 3996 / 0812-1595-8367
Karanganyar 0822 2584 2129
Boyolali 0813 2016 0477
arrogant 0812-2500-3551
Kebumen 0812-1552-7374
Kebumen 0853-2565-0254
Kebumen 0821-3466-6110
Kutowinangun 0813-2777-1372
Purworejo 0852-3159-8288
Wonogiri 0852-2956-4172
Ngadirojo 0821-3600-7771
Sragen 0821-3632-2224
Semarang (024) 3550766
Semarang 0896-6921-6179
Semarang (024) 7622399
Semarang 0812-2827-775

4. Putera Mulya Jogja Bus Agent

Agen Phone
Jogja 0851 0082 1936
Sleman 0851-0044-1579

Thus the information about the address and phone number of the nearest and latest Putera Mulya bus agent, hopefully it will be useful.

Although now there is a lot of leeway, but still keep your cleanliness and health wherever you are, good luck to your destination.


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