Complete List of Best Dental Insurance with Affordable Premiums

If you have ever suffered from a toothache, we certainly understand how important it is to have protection for dental health through the best dental insurance.

And if necessary, the protection also covers the cost of dental health care, such as tartar cleaning and periodic check-ups.

The question is, how do you choose the best dental insurance? Should it be a package with health insurance or should you buy dental health insurance separately?

The best dental insurance benefits should be separate or a package with health insurance?

When it comes to choosing the best insurance, of course the answer is according to your needs.

If previously we already have health insurance, either buying it ourselves or getting it from the workplace, then there is no point in buying dental insurance that is bundled with health insurance anymore.

After all, if it is a package with health insurance, but if the protection is not what we need, it means that the benefits are not right or not optimal for us.

The advantage of choosing dental insurance that is separate from other insurances is getting full coverage.

Starting from periodic maintenance to protection in case of dental health problems that require certain medical actions.

It’s just that, separate dental insurance has insurance premiums that are more expensive than the premiums that are bundled with health insurance.

However, if our current need is dental insurance that is bundled with health insurance, it doesn’t matter because some health insurance companies also have products that are still profitable.

Yukwe find out who they are?

Health Insurance plus best dental insurance

According to financial experts, having insurance is an important part of managing personal finances.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right insurance and according to the needs of us and our families, including dental insurance.

Here are 8 companies that provide the best dental coverage benefits in their health products.

1. AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri health insurance has four health protection solutions, namely Mandiri Prosperous Protection Insurance, Mandiri Health Solutions Insurance, Prima Health Insurance Mandiri, and Tropical Disease Protection Mandiri Insurance.

Even so, only AXA Mandiri Kesehatan Prima Insurance offers coverage in addition to accidental tooth damage.

AXA Mandiri health insurance that provides a dental protection package is the International Exclusive Health Insurance – MOANA.

Moana health insurance is a group insurance, which is usually reserved for company employees.

The advantage of this insurance is that customers can use all hospital services around the world that have collaborated with AXA Mandiri.

2. SmartHealth Maxi Violet from Allianz

SmartHealth Violet from Allianz Health Insurance is a health insurance product for individuals or families as well.

SmartHealth Maxi Violet has basic inpatient benefits and additional benefits in the form of outpatient care, dental care, and delivery.

The dental treatments offered by Allianz Insurance are as follows:

  • Outpatient and emergency dental care due to an accident.
  • Dental treatment for prevention, maximum two visits per year.
  • Basic dental care.
  • Complex dental care.
  • Denture care.

3. Allisya Care

Allisya Care is a sharia health insurance product that can be used for individuals and families from Allianz Syariah insurance.

Types of dental care covered by insurance include:

  • Preventive maintenance is a maximum of two visits per year.
  • Basic dental care.
  • Complex dental care.
  • Dentures.
  • The coverage offered starts from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 5 million.

4. Lippo Insurance HealthPlus + Family

If you buy Lippo Insurance HealthPlus insurance, you can provide additional benefits for your family members.

This insurance provides additional benefits in the form of hospitalization and surgery for family members who experience illness or accident.

The protection provided starts from inpatient, outpatient, to emergency dental care.

The maximum amount of coverage provided is IDR 2.19 million per incident.

5. Jasindo Health Insurance

This insurance product from Asuransi Jasindo, which is a state-owned company, has a fairly complete protection.

In addition to standard protection, such as other insurances (inpatient and outpatient), the benefits provided by Jasindo Health Insurance include dental care, medical check-upeven the replacement of glasses too.

Another advantage of this insurance is a policy that can be tailored to our needs. The method used is also indemnitymeaning that you can go directly to the hospital for treatment without the need for a doctor’s referral.

So, you only need to make a cashless health insurance claim by showing a policy card to get treatment.

6. Promedicare AB and CDE from AXA

The protection offered in Promedicare AB health insurance from AXA is also quite complete.

The benefits provided are complemented by travel and personal accident protection, suitable for individuals or families who have hobbies travelling.

Protection against the risk of tooth decay includes routine maintenance and accidental tooth decay.

Promedicare CDE products also provide treatment for accidental tooth decay in hospitals across Asia and with the added protection of alternative medicine to designated specialists.

7. Manulife dental insurance

Manulife offers rider dental protection or additional benefits from its health insurance products.

Manulife’s own health insurance premiums start at IDR 50,000 per month. This policy is suitable for those of you who want insurance with a high annual insurance limit with dental benefits at once.

The advantages of this insurance are services in international hospitals and limit as charged (according to the bill).

Manulife dental insurance benefits include:

  • Prevention costs
  • Basic dental care costs.
  • Complex dental treatment costs.
  • Dental crown costs.
  • Dental implants.
  • Prosthesis.


Want to take full advantage of BPJS Health? So, we can also use it for dental care.

According to BPJS Health Regulation Number 1 of 2014, Article 52 Paragraph 1, dental care covered by BPJS consists of registration and administrative costs during the treatment process.

In particular, there are 8 types of dental care covered by BPJS, namely:

  1. Examination, treatment, and consultation related to dental health.
  2. Premedication or administration of drugs before anesthesia.
  3. Oro-dental emergency.
  4. Easy extraction of primary and permanent teeth.
  5. Post-extraction treatment.
  6. GIC patch.
  7. Tumpat composite.
  8. Dental tartar cleaning.

BPJS Health does offer a fairly complete coverage. However, due to several factors, many people also complement this BPJS with private insurance.

The best dental insurance

In addition to dental insurance which is also incorporated with health insurance, there are also several independent dental insurance options.

This can be a consideration for those of you who already have health insurance but are not equipped with protection for teeth.

1. Cigna dental insurance

Cigna offers dental insurance through the Cigna Smile Sehat policy with premiums starting at IDR 185,250 thousand per month.

The registration limit for insurance participants is 1-59 years, but the protection period is up to 65 years.

The main protection benefit is up to IDR 19.5 million per year and the total benefit is up to IDR 24 million per year.

The benefits of this policy include:

  • Dental tartar cleaning or scaling.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Dental care due to accidents.
  • Making dental bridge caused by decay or periodontitis.
  • More than 3,000 partners and care in international hospitals.

2. Jagadiri Insurance

Jagadiri offers complete dental protection with stand-alone dental insurance options.

The minimum age of the policyholder is 21 years, but you can also register children from the age of 6 years. The maximum age is 60 years.

The insurance benefits from Jagadiri are as follows:

  • Dental conservation costs such as prevention or maintenance are a maximum of twice a year.
  • The cost of dental care due to an accident. Such as the manufacture of dentures or dental implants. Maximum care 48 hours after the accident.
  • The cost of cleaning tartar is a maximum of twice a year.
  • The cost of tooth extraction is a maximum of twice a year.
  • Dentist consultation fees are a maximum of twice a year.

3. Chubb Dental Care Plan Insurance

is not rider from health insurance, but this product is a product bancassurance. This policy is specifically intended for customers who hold BNI credit cards and BCA debit cards.

The premium for this insurance policy starts from Rp. 148 thousand to Rp. 211 thousand for a one year coverage period.

Here are some benefits of this policy:

  • Compensation for dental emergency costs such as pain, swelling, and bleeding.
  • Coverage for prevention costs, including oral cleaning and examination.
  • Radiology fee compensation.
  • Cost of tooth extraction to root canal treatment.

Nahit turns out that there are many alternative dental insurance that fits our needs and pockets, yes? So, don’t hesitate to get insurance now.

If you still have questions or want to know about insurance products that cover dental protection for you and your family, just check on Lifepal!

Tips from Lifepal! Each individual has different insurance needs, so do not equate one with the other.

The choice of separate dental insurance or a package with health insurance is the choice of each individual according to needs.

In general, it is cheaper to buy insurance with added benefits than buying it separately. But this will also depend on the policy you choose.

It could be that you already have health insurance, but the dental protection offer from the insurance does not suit your needs. Finally you choose to buy a policy from another company specifically for dental protection.

In addition to buying health insurance for yourself, you can also consider buying insurance for your family.

Generally if you sign up for family insurance, the premiums will be cheaper than for individuals.

Whatever type of insurance you are looking for, the important thing is that it fits your needs. Find the best deals right now on Lifepal!

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