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Complete Explanation of Solar Water Heater

This article will discuss a solar water heater (solar) in full, starting from the understanding, components, how it works, benefits, how to maintain it, to the advantages and disadvantages of the solar water heater.

For reasons of savings, people are now starting to switch to choosing energy-friendly goods. If in the past people would tend to choose water heaters with electricity or gas, now they are considering installing solar panels on their roofs. So what is a solar water heater?

Understanding Solar Water Heaters and Its Components

Before discussing further about how solar water heaters work, it’s good to first understand the meaning of this heating system.

As the name implies, a solar water heater is a device that functions to heat water by utilizing solar energy.

Solar Water Heater Components

To be able to carry out its functions properly, each tool is equipped with various components that support each other. The main components of this tool are of two kinds, namely as follows:

  1. Heat-absorbing collector: Is a special area that is used as a medium to absorb solar energy. This component must have a high sensitivity to absorb heat, and also be very well insulated, so that it can always be more effective and efficient in carrying out its duties.
  2. Storage tank: Is a place used to hold water that has been heated by a heat-absorbing collector. As in the thermos that we use to store hot water, so that heat is not easily lost, this component must be coated with the best insulating layer.

Knowing How Solar Water Heaters Work

solar water heater

Briefly, the way this solar water heater works is to capture the sun’s heat to be used to heat water in a vacuum tube. The heating unit consists of two parts, namely the hot water storage tube, and the connector panel. If the storage tube is like a thermos, then the panel is the stove.

Cold water entering the solar water heater will pass through the slab. When it arrives at the tube, the temperature will be around 60o C. Pushed back by cold water from below, the hot water will come out through the water faucet at the top.

This type of water heater will be effective in places that have a slope of several degrees facing the sun. Because there is support for the slope of the roof, there is a circulation method used in this water heater, which is called the Thermosiphon Method. Hot water at the bottom will move up, because the density of hot water is much smaller than cold water. The cold water that is in from the bottom is in turn heated. And so on so that the water will heat up much faster evenly.

A stainless steel tank is used to hold water in a solar water heater. Tubes with the best standards so that they are safe and clean. The outside of the tank uses stainless steel.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

After discussing how solar water heaters work, then we must also know the benefits. This solar hot water heater has been widely used. The simplest is used for hot water facilities at home. For example for bath water, washing water and dish water which will be easier if used to remove fatty stains.

In addition to meeting the needs of hot water in the family, now hot water needs can be met also by installing solar water heaters in several places. For example in a place of business, such as a fitness center, swimming pool, or office.

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How to Maintain a Solar Water Heater

disadvantages of solar water heater

The name is also that goods are installed outside the house non-stop, exposed to heat and rain, then the price is not cheap, so it is proper to pay attention to maintenance. In principle, electronic goods that are checked regularly will last longer. Usually the agent where you buy this heater will carry out regular inspections according to your agreement.

Every one to two months make sure the technician checks for physical damage, and dust on the solar water heater unit. Also check the pipe connections for leaks. There is such a thing as an Air Vent, namely ventilation as a place for hot steam to escape if the temperature in the tank is excessive.

Six months to once a year check the water pump to make sure the water is flowing smoothly. Also check the pipe installation for rust and other things. The water heater heating unit must also be drained so that it will not be clogged with sediment that settles. Check the pressure and water flow in the tank if it is still functioning properly.

In principle, solar water heaters will function long and excellent when used and maintained properly. That way you can also get more benefits from this abundant sunlight, such as saving electricity, and saving energy by keeping away cooking water on the stove.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Water Heaters

how does a solar water heater work

Perfection belongs only to God, everything made by humans certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this solar water heater?

Advantages of Solar Water Heater

1. Save Electric Energy

As we know, the price per kwh often increases over time. If every tool we have uses electricity, the monthly bill will certainly increase, especially when it has to be used on a tool that converts electrical energy into heat, the energy needed will certainly be very large.

This is where one of the advantages of a solar water heater is zero electricity, so after using it it will not affect the electricity bill in the slightest.

2. Has a lot of capacity

The next advantage of solar water heaters is that they have a large capacity, starting from 100 liters so they are durable when used for bathing purposes. It is highly recommended that you buy a heater that has a capacity according to the number of family members. With this, every time you take a shower, all family members can take a bath with warm water.

3. Eco-Friendly

As a heating device that relies on nature, this water heater is very environmentally friendly. By using it, it is very unlikely that this tool will pollute the environment.

4 . Long Warranty

The average solar water heater product is covered by a long warranty claim, which is between 5, 7, up to 10 years or more. With this the users will be comfortable and calm in its use.

Disadvantages of Solar Water Heaters

Next, we discuss the disadvantages or disadvantages of solar water heaters, which are as follows:

  1. It has large dimensions so that for its installation it requires a large enough place.
  2. Placement must be appropriate, namely in a location that can be exposed to full sunlight, so that the collector can work optimally to heat the water.
  3. Installation of this tool can not be done just anyone, it takes special skills to do it.

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Thus a complete discussion of solar water heaters. After reading through this article, is there anything else you would like to know or ask? Like how solar water heaters work, the disadvantages of solar water heaters or others.


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