Complete Class 6 Exam Questions and Answers 2022

HARGABELANJA.COM – Studying is very important to face the 6th grade exam questions in order to pass with maximum scores. Later you can use high scores to enroll in junior high schools that have superior quality. There are provisions regarding the test scores that students must obtain to enter certain places of education.

For those who want to get high scores, studying is an important key that you must do. One way is to practice exam questions. The practice questions that you do will most likely come out during the exam. Question makers usually make it according to material that they can learn easily, one of which is through the internet.

Class 6 Islamic Religion Test Questions

1. There are 5 cube-shaped squares stacked. 2 large boxes, 3 small boxes. The volume of the big box is 1.728 cm and the small box is 343 cm. The height of the stack of the five boxes is… cm

a. 40
b. 45
c. 50
d. 60

Answer: B

2. The order of 110% fractions; 1 2/3 ; 1, 68 ; 7/5 of the biggest is….

a. 1 2/3 ; 1,68 ; 7/5 ; 110%
b. 1,68 ; 1 2/3 ; 110% ; 7/5
c. 7/5 ; 1 2/3 ; 110% ; 1,68
d. 1,68 ; 1 2/3 ; 7/5 ; 110%

Answer: D

3. The result of 7,598 – 1,637 – 2,893 + 4,716 is….

a. 7.784
b. 7.812
c. 7.856
d. 7.903

Answer: A

4. The air temperature at the top of the mountain at 03.00 is -10° C. After sunrise, solar energy raises the air temperature at the top of the mountain. If every hour the air temperature at the top of the mountain rises by 5° C, the air temperature at 15.00 becomes… C°

a. 23
b. 24
c. 26
d. 28

Answer: C

Indonesian Class 6 Exam Questions

1. The SAR team is evacuating flood victims in Jakarta using booth boats.

The meaning of the word italicized in the sentence above is . . . .
A. to cross
B. move
C. help
D. save

Answer: B

2. In order for the body to stay healthy, we should have activities every day.
The meaning of the term activity is . . .
A. work
B. exercising
C. be active
D. study

Answer: C

Class 6 Islamic Religion Test Questions

6th grade exam questions

1. Every disaster that will befall the earth and everything has been written in …..
A. The scriptures of others
B. Kitab lauh mahfuz
C. The book opened
D. Kitab Al Hadid

Answer: B

2. What is the name of the prophet who was once thrown from a boat into the sea?
A. Prophet Moses US. C. Prophet Jonah US.
B. Prophet Joseph AS. D. Prophet Ibrahim AS.

Answer: C

3. The title Al-Amin means …..
A. responsible C. loving
B. trustworthy D. compassionate

Answer: B

4. Letters received by the Prophet muhammad saw. when appointed as an apostle is a letter …..
A. al a’raf C. al alaq
B. al falaq D. at taubah

Answer: C

5. What does not include Rasul Ulul Azmi is… ..
A. Prophet Noah as
B. Nabi Ismail as
C. Prophet Moses as
D. Nabi Muhammad SAW

IPA Class 6 Exam Questions

1. Animals that undergo complete metamorphosis are….

A. mosquitoes and bees
B. flies and termites
C. bees and grasshoppers
D. crickets and cockroaches

Answer: A

2. Look at the table below!

1. Squid >>> Emitting light
2. Pangolin >>> Gives off a strong smell
3. Catfish >>> Has mustache
4. Woodpecker >>> The beak is pointed and curved

Pairs of animal names and the correct way of adaptation are indicated by the number ….

A. 1 and 3
B. 2 and 4
C. 2 and 3
D. 1 and 4

Answer: A

3. High rainfall in hilly areas makes agricultural land less fertile due to erosion. The way we can do to overcome this is….

A. do crop rotation
B. make a terraced terrace
C. changing the type of secondary crops
D. do an intercropping system

Answer: B

Here are some examples of 6th grade elementary school exam questions and their answers. You can learn it properly and correctly.

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