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Now, the average application file submission has switched to an online system. Soft copies of documents are uploaded to the website. During registration to the system, a number of documents requested have a certain upload size limit.

One of the documents that must be uploaded is a photo file with a special maximum size. Usually the requested photo is no more than 200kb in size. If it exceeds the maximum photo size limit, it will definitely be rejected by the system when uploading.

Therefore, see the full review below so you can understand about How to Increase JPG Size to 400 kb Online this.

This is the Easiest Way to Resize JPG on PCs and Smartphones Without Downloading Additional Applications or Software

How to Resize JPG Online

To reduce the size of the photo without reducing the quality of the image, you can use one of the recommended applications that can be accessed online via photos via HP without additional applications.

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This application can also be used to enlarge the size of your small photo to 200 kb. For example, you want your photo to be enlarged from 100 kb to 400 kb. We hope this will make your job application process easier.

Here’s how to reduce or increase the size of a photo:

1. No Additional Applications or Software

  1. First, open a browser and go to the following link
  2. On the start page, you will find the Upload File option.
  3. Select that menu and select the file you want to reduce or increase the size to 400 kb in size.
  4. No need to wait long, the compress process will be finished and the photo or other document files are ready for you to download.
  5. You can also compress multiple files at once.
  6. Not only that, you can also choose the file format you want.

For example, JPEG, PNG, or PDF according to the file you have. This way your job registration process will be easier and less time consuming. Even more practical, you can do it via cellphone without the need for additional applications.

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2. Using Additional Apps (Pixlr)

You can also shrink photos online using the Pixlr app. The application is fairly easy. Please follow these guidelines:

  1. You’ll need to go to Pixlr’s online page or click here.
  2. You must allow flash access in the browser. Allow that access if a notification appears. The next step is you right-click the mouse to activate
  3. Once the Pixlr page opens, click the Browser menu. This menu is located on the far left of the box provided
  4. Select the photo file you want to reduce or enlarge
  5. Click the Save menu located in the upper left corner
  6. Slide the bar to the left in the Quality menu. Set according to the size of the conditions required, namely 200Kb
  7. If you have clicked Save
  8. If the option appears save in a computer folder and give the document a name. Click Save to download and save.
  9. It’s done, it’s easy.

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