Compensation of RM3.1 million in the case of amputation of the head of the penis, the government appeals

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian government has appealed against the High Court’s decision to compensate a 22-year-old man whose penis was cut off during circumcision 12 years ago after the hospital declared negligence in the incident. .

Federal Counsel K. Saravanan when contacted by the media said that the Attorney General’s Office (AGC) representing all the defendants had filed an appeal against the decision in the High Court on 27 April.

He said the handling of the case was determined on July 27 at the Putrajaya High Court which would be carried out via e-Review.

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On 7 April, High Court Judge Datuk Akhtar Tahir allowed a negligence suit filed by the youth against the Government of Malaysia, Medical Officer of Kuala Lipis Hospital, Pahang, Hospital Director, specialist doctor and director of Selayang Hospital, Selangor.

In its decision, the High Court allowed claims for special damages of RM108,356, damages of RM2 million, serious damages of RM500,000 and sample damages of RM500,000 to the victim.

Judge Akhtar in his decision said the delay in the Kuala Lipis Hospital, Selayang Hospital and several medical officers including specialist doctors took quick steps to save the severed head of the penis, causing misery for the victims.

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He said that instead of sending the victim to Selayang Hospital quickly, the first defendant, who is also a medical officer at Kuala Lipis Hospital, did something trivial.

He said the testimony of the plaintiff’s and defendant’s witnesses also showed that the procedure that should have been done was not to reconnect the severed head of the penis, but to maintain the head of the penis involved.

The judge also alluded to the fact that no compensation can replace a person’s most valuable asset and the suffering and shame of the victim as a result of the ‘loss’.

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Even so, he said, the court must provide compensation that can help ease the burden on the victim and his family to help him regain his social trust like any normal human being.

Based on a lawsuit filed on July 10, 2018 by the victim through her mother when she was 18 years old, it was stated that the incident occurred in a housing estate in Kuala Lipis when the victim was 10 years old, resulting in the head of the victim’s penis being cut off. off and reconnection is not performed according to the correct procedure.

The plaintiff claimed that her son was then taken to Selayang Hospital to undergo a surgical procedure to reattach the glans with a rubber cap attached to the head of the penis.

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After entering the 35th day, the plaintiff claimed to be surprised when he found out that the head of his son’s penis was no longer in his penis. – COSMO! ON LINE

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