Come on, Read! 5 Reasons Cats Like to Always Massage

Once on a private TV there was a cat who liked to massage his master, on the cover there was a video of the owner of the cat sleeping on his stomach and the cat who was massaging his master’s back with his hands (front paws). What a cat does is actually a normal thing for a cat, this movement is often called kneading.

Kneading is indicated by the movement of the cat pressing a soft object in front of him with his hands (front paws) alternating left and right, such as massaging movements, some cats also use their hind legs to massage.

1. Want to breastfeed

During childhood, kittens massage their mother’s stomach while breastfeeding, this massage is believed to stimulate the release of milk from the cat’s mammary glands. When the cat is an adult, the memory or memory of this massage is still strong and therefore comes back every now and then.

2. Getting ready for bed

It is said that in ancient times when the ancestors of cats still lived in the forest and long before cats were kept as domestic cats, the ancestors of cats liked to use mats of straw or grass that were arranged and compacted. with their hand movements. To make a soft and comfortable bedding, kneading is one of the cat’s preparation rituals before resting.

3. Smell trail

As we know, cats have the instinct to leave a trail of odors on objects (including humans) around them that are considered theirs. By massaging his hands, the scent glands in the palms of his hands will release a bad odor which then sticks to the object being massaged.

4. Moderate lust

Cat behavior expert Bebeta argues that cats in heat love to squeeze and purr to let nearby males know that they are in heat and ready to accept a male.

5. Sports

As we know exercise is good for body health, kneading and stretching (mullet) can be a way for cats to exercise.

This kneading motion is usually done when the nails are stored, but if the cat kneads with the nails sticking out, there is a risk that the nails will injure our bodies, to avoid this, it can be avoided by putting a blanket in its place. . is “knead” or you can also keep the nails short while walking, trim them regularly.

There is a myth that a cat massaging its owner is a sign that it is weaning itself too quickly. This is not true. Cats that are weaned too quickly will suck on other objects such as blankets and human body parts such as the earlobe instead of massaging each other.

What is clear, whether the cat is massaging you because he wants to put you to sleep or because he wants to mean you, both always show that you are special to the cat.

“If you have a cat massaging their bed, or even massaging yours, it’s because they feel very loved and comfortable,” says Katie Armor of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty. to Animals (MSPCA) in Dodo. “You should take this as a compliment!”

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Hopefully what is said is useful for cat lovers …!!!

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