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Come on, Find out the List of Rise of Nations Cheat Codes

The early 2000s were arguably the heyday of gaming real-time strategy (RTS). There have been many RTS game titles released. Two of them are Age of Empires II which was released towards the end of 1999 and Age of Empires III which was launched in 2005.

Apart from Age of Empires, there are other strategy games that are no less exciting, namely Rise of Nations. On this occasion, Carisignal will discuss the code cheat Rise of Nations along with other interesting information about this one game. Curious? Come on, just look at the discussion below!

Tentang Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a game real-time strategy which was released in 2003 by Microsoft Game Studios. The game is developed by Big Huge Games and the development is led by the designers of the game Civilization II.

The game Rise of Nations itself received a positive response from several media. IGN gave a score of 8.2/10, while GameSpot contributed 9.3/10 points. GameSpot even included Rise of Nations in the list of the best computer games in 2003.

This game is even used as a tool for scientific research. Reportedly, Rise of Nations can help improve cognitive abilities in adult players.

Version Extended of the game was released on Steam in 2014 and Windows 10 in 2017. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition includes the base game and expansions of the game. real-time strategy this.


In this game, players can play nationsat any timeframe. They can choose civilizations which amounts to 18 civilizations. A number of nations or the country has its own special unit. The number of units can reach more than 50 units, you know. One of them is an infantry unit with several different types.

As previously stated, each country in the game Rise of Nations has its own special unit. For example, when you choose Russia, you can build a red army group and a T-80 armored tank. Or, if you choose Germany, you can get Leopard and Tiger armor tanks.

The game in Rise of Nations carries a territorial concept, so the area that is near your area as a player, has entered your territory. You can certainly expand the coverage area of ​​your own country. And with the large number of units available in the game, you can create your own group of soldiers, of course.

Apart from building countries and armies, in this game you can also build iconic buildings. One of them is the pyramid. You can build the pyramids at an earlier time than other buildings like the Colossus, for example. Especially if you choose the country of Egypt in the game.

In the game, there are game modes for single-player entitled Conquer The World. And for the current version of the game, you can play it in mode multi-player. The game is available for purchase on Steam.

Daftar Kode Cheat Rise of Nations PC

After discussing the game Rise of Nations and its gameplay, now is the time for us to share the list taunts and code cheat Rise of Nations on PC, just for you. Here’s the full review:

1. Kode Cheat Rise of Nations

First of all, we will discuss about the code cheat Rise of Nations first, before submitting a list taunts-his. It’s easy to enter the cheat code. Please press ENTER while the game is in progress, then enter the code cheat which are desired.

Make peace with other countries Press Enterthen type cheat peace (country name)
Showing achievements Press Enterthen type cheat achieve
Arrange difficulty Press Enterthen type cheat diff (0-5)
Makes all players human Press Enterthen type cheat sandbox
Nuclear launch Press Enter, then type cheat nuke
Lowering units Press Enterthen type cheat deploy
Put building Press Enterthen type cheat insert (nomor)(tipe)(who=RED)(x,y)
View/change the technology level of the state library Press Enterthen type cheat library (number)(country name)
Show map Press Enterthen type cheat reveal (on atau off)
Show/change country science level Press Enterthen type cheat science (number)(country name)
Beat other countries Press Enterthen type cheat defeat (nama negara)
Kills the selected object Press Enterthen type cheat die
Show/change country age Press Enterthen type cheat age (number) (country name)
Build alliances with other countries Press Enterthen type cheat ally (nama negara)
Added 1000+ resources Press Enterthen type cheat resource all+1000
Arrange damage Press Enterthen type cheat damage (name or no entry)(+ or -)(number)
Display/set the country’s military level Press Enterthen type cheat military (number)(country name)
Winning Press Enter, then type cheat victory (country name)
View/change resources Press Enterthen type cheat resource (name)(goodtype or all)(+ or -)(number)
War with other countries Press Enterthen type cheat war (country name)

2. Taunts di Rise of Nations

In the gym, we usually need action taunting. This action is often considered to provoke the opponent while playing the game. But who would have thought, taunting can support the course of a game as well.

Some games in modern times use taunting One of them is like Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang. And no less than Mobile Legends, Rise of Nations also has several taunts which you can ‘reveal’ while playing the game.

You just press ENTERthen enter these numbers to issue taunts. Here’s a list taunts the game Rise of Nations:

1 Yes (of)
2 No (Not)
3 Maybe (maybe)
4 I need food (I need food)
5 I need timber (I need wood)
6 I need metal (I need metal)
7 I need wealth (I need wealth)
8 I need oil (I need oil)
9 I need knowledge (I need knowledge)
10 Do you need resources? (Do you need resources?)
11 Little help here (Need a little help here)
12 This noob’s rushing me (He rushes me)
13 Build more troops (Build more teams)
14 Build a wonder (Wake up a miracle)
15 Work on your economy (Change your economy)
16 Work on your air force (Change your air force)
17 Work on your navy (Change your navy team)
18 Wait for my signal to attack (Wait for my signal to attack)
19 Attack! (Attack!)
20 Let’s get ’em (Let’s get them)

That’s a list of Rise of Nations cheat codes along with interesting information about this game and its gameplay. Don’t forget, there is also additional information about taunts which you can use in the game.

If you had an exciting experience playing the game Rise of Nations, please share and share your story in the comments column below.

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