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Collection of Poems About Dreams of Being a Doctor, Teacher & Police

Are you a lover of poetry or are you being given an assignment by your teacher to compose a poem about ideals? If that is true, then you are in the right article. This time we will provide examples of poetry about ideals that you can use to find inspiration.

In every stanza of the written poem contains one’s hopes and desires. There are many themes about poetry about ideals that we will give, such as poetry about the ideals of becoming a teacher, doctor, architecture, policewoman, pilot, TNI and others.

You can rewrite it as a source of inspiration or even use the full poem that we are about to convey. Hopefully the poems that we provide below can help those of you who are confused about finding ideas and ideas about the verses in the poem about ideals.

For more details, please read and live carefully the collection of poems about ideals below. Before you read the poems that we have provided, it’s a good idea to read an explanation of the poem itself. Without further ado, let’s talk guys!

Definition of Poetry

Poetry is an expression that pays attention to the aspects of imagination, voice, and emotional, intellectual, poetic experience of the daily life of every person.

Poetry is also usually expressed by using certain techniques in order to evoke certain experiences in the reader of the poem and also the listeners.

Many poems play the role of the emotional reality of someone who is being mixed up because poetry is a work that consists of words that are full of meaning.

According to Herman J. Waluyo (1987), poetry is a form of literary work that imaginatively expresses the thoughts and feelings of the poet which is then composed of a concentration of physical structure and internal structure.

Poetry Become a Police and Soldier

Poems About Dreams

Some people pour their heart out through poetry, look for sources of inspiration and put it in beautiful stanzas. Many hopes and prayers are mixed in every stanza of the poem, as well as the ideals theme poem that we wrote below:

I want to be a policeman

Morning this
On the way to school

I am accompanied by my father
Riding a motorcycle

Arriving at the T-junction
We have to cross the street

Police in uniform
Help us
To Cross

Thank you very much
Help us

Your kindness
Makes me aspire to be
A cop

Become a Soldier

While reading a book
I saw a picture of a soldier
Very dashing

With a red beret
Striped uniform
And shoes

I want to be a soldier
Who are you fighting for?
Race and country

Serve sincerely
For the security of the Indonesian state

O Allah, accept my prayer
To become a member
Indonesian National Army TNI

Reaching the Highest Goals

Poems About Dreams

There is a saying that says “pursue your ideals as high as possible” that is a guide for you to always study hard so that your goals can be achieved. Many hopes are tucked away in prayer so that you become a successful person. Here’s an example of a poem to keep you motivated to achieve your goals:

Poetry Through the Journey

Yesterday after dusk
in it all the remaining items
like a journey to quench thirst
like fasting
hold hunger and thirst especially in the soul

With hope and prayer
meet dreams in reality
as white as intentions as straight as dreams and aspirations

May the dohir form as it is
happy in the afterlife, grandchildren use it

by : MS Sang Weasel

Poetry Dreaming in a Dream

Last night I fell asleep in my sleep
Dreaming in a dream

It’s noon
The sun is rising
The birds are chirping on the branches
While I’m still lying here….
Gathering awareness….

Life is not a dream
Make your dreams come true
In real breath

Poetry Become a Pilot and Astronaut

poetry about dreams

Being a pilot or astronaut is a noble job, because we will take people who will travel, for example: vacation, or visiting family out of town. In addition, being a pilot also has a big responsibility because it is an aircraft controller.

The following are examples of poetry that you can use and become a source of inspiration so that your goals can be achieved, as follows:

I want to be a pilot

Split the sky
Make a sound
Until it comes to my house

I want to be a pilot
Who controls the plane?
Run freely
in the sky

Fly out of town
To another city
From one country to another
From one island to another

It’s fun to be a pilot
I will reach my goal
By studying hard

My Goal is to Become an Astronaut

Full moon night
The moon shines brightly.

I look out my bedroom window
Then I read a book on my desk

About the astronauts who landed on the moon
Far away I want to be an astronaut
Who can fly to the moon

If I can go there
When the full moon
I will wave my hand

For my mom and dad to see
At home

Poetry Become a Doctor and Teacher

Poems About Dreams

Becoming a doctor is a very noble goal, because you can treat sick people and help fellow human beings. Just like being a teacher, you play an important role in educating the nation’s children. Here are the poems that we provide to inspire you to achieve your goals:


Your duty is noble
You help others to heal..
Tuk can carry out his activities.

You are racing against time..
It doesn’t matter if the sweat wets your temples
It doesn’t matter if the blood is in your hand
You are still optimistic that you can reduce the burden of their lives..

A profession that I dream of
The profession I have to reach before I die The ambulance creaks loudly..
Bringing patients who are struggling with death

You move swiftly
You put all your knowledge and skills
The one you wore when you were young, the white robe you wore…
A stethoscope strapped to your neck
Makes you look so manly and dignified.

I really want to be like you
To make my parents proud, and to myself.
I’m determined to fight for my dreams
Not just for a title
But to help others in need…

My dream is to become a teacher

I want to be a teacher
Who teaches humans knowledge
So that knowledge is in the chest
Noble and wise.

I want to be a teacher
An example to emulate
Always polite and wise
Be an example for humans

Poems For Unsung Heroes

Poems about dreams

Reply Service

Your figure is a noble hero,
Even though you don’t know the mark,
Your sacrifices are incalculable.
For the betterment of the nation…

The sacred trust is entrusted to you,
Not a day or a week,
But no less than a windu,
You teach the fool to know…

Oh my teacher,
I want to be like you,
An educator who imparts knowledge,
Advance the generation with new hope…


You’re just an ordinary human,
But your servant is very special,
printer of the nation’s next generation,
Teach useful knowledge…

Tireless in guiding,
Although thirst often dries up,
Since the sun began to turn yellow,
Until he goes back to bed…

May my wish come true,
To be a teacher,
Continuing all your devotion,
When you are in your old age…

Spirit and Hope

Every day we meet,
You sincerely impart knowledge,
Although tired of torturing your heart,
But your spirit always pours out…

Seeing my perseverance and sincerity,
Makes me touched and transfixed,
Let me continue your struggle,
When my time comes…

There is a burning spirit,
There is hope that doesn’t fade,
Every day I learn,
To become a teacher…

Poetry My Dream to be a Chef

poetry about dreams

Creating delicious and delicious dishes is one of the goals of a chef, so food lovers will be happy. All halal work is a noble task, depending on each other’s passion.

My Spice Concoction

I saw mother cooking food,
With all the spices and utensils,
She cooks spices,
To eat at breakfast time…

Every day I repeat,
The food is always varied.
traditional home cooking,
It tastes really good…

I want to be a chef,
cooking food every day,
Relive the original culinary,
Owned by Indonesia which is full of tradition

Great Chef

I want someday,
Become a great chef,
Create delicious dishes,
Which gives rise to tastes and desires…

Being a chef is not easy,
Doesn’t mean I give up,
Learn from mom and dad,
Great chef in house…

Keep on learning,
Becoming a chef is my dream,
Mother never gets tired of teaching me,
All the insight into blending spices…

The final word

So that’s our discussion this time about a collection of poems about the dream of becoming a successful person, there are poems for doctors, teachers, police, soldiers, pilots, chefs, etc. Pouring out prayers, hopes or desires through poetry is indeed an old thing. However, poetry must be preserved not to be lost in time.

We hope that you also enjoy reading the poems that we have conveyed and you will be able to make them yourself so that you can become more creative children than others. See you again!

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