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After more than a decade of Lelouch’s astonishing rebellion, ‘Code Geass’ is still leading the hearts of every anime lover. The previous two seasons of this mecha anime were huge hits but after the release of ‘code geass’, Season 2 fans are wondering if they will get another season of code geass.

Now the question is: Will there be a Code Geass season 3? Or is it Code Geass 3 Release Date confirmed? In this article, we will share all the updates about ‘Code Geass’ with you.

When will Code Geass Season 3 Release?

Now it’s officially true that ‘code geass’ is coming back with a new season,’Code Geass: Z from Recapture‘. Although the official release date of ‘code Geass: Z of the Recapture’ is not confirmed by sunrise studio or its creators.

Crunchyroll announced this new spin-off series in 2020 as part of their ten-year plan. This soap opera is allegedly a continuation of the film ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of resurrection’ which was released in 2019.

Will there be a Code Geass Season 3?

There are several factors related to the previous season of a show that determine whether a show will get an update or not, such as previous appearances, popularity, and source material.

Previous Performance: Code Geass is the most popular anime in North America and Japan. It has sold over one million DVDs in Japan. In 2008, it was the fourth highest-grossing anime television series in Japan.

Later, four manga series and various light novels began to be adapted from the original television series Kôdo giasu – Hangyaku no rurûshu or Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Popularity: After the release of the anime television series, ‘Code Geass’ has been adapted into manga series, light novels, and even video games.

The Code Geass film trilogy was originally adapted from the television series. ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection’ is the 24th most popular anime film of 2019.

Material Source: Unlike most anime, Code Geass has an atypical set of dispositions and Code Geass was originally written as an anime series — the manga adaptation came after the television series.

Possibility of Getting ‘Code Geass Season 3’:

It’s been more than 2 years since crunchy roll announced the new series ‘Code Geass: Z of the recapture’ as part of studio Sunrise’s new 10 year plan, but since 2020 there has been no update regarding the new ‘Code Geass’ series.

Although there has been no official announcement regarding the release date of Code Geass, it can be said that ‘Code Geass’ will definitely return with a new season.

Manga Code Geass Continuation After Anime!

Code Geass Season 3

As we mentioned, the film Code Geass is not adapted from any manga or light novel, but was developed at the sunrise studio by Ichiro Okouchi and Goro Taniguchi.

In fact, ‘Code Geass’ was originally adapted from the television series ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

Code Geass Season 3 Trailer!

As of now, there is no official date regarding the new ‘Code geass’ anime series, but if there will be any new updates in the future, then you can hear from us.

Code Geass Anime Characters, Cast & Staff

  • Lamperouge, Lelouch – Jun Fukuyama
  • CC – Yuka
  • Stadtfeld, Kalen – Koshimizu, Ami
  • Kururugi, Suzaki – Sakurai, Takahiro

Main Staff:

  • Producer – Maseba, you will
  • Director – Taniguchi, Gorou
  • Voice Director -Urakami, Yasuo
  • The original creator – Ookouchi, Ichirou
  • Character Design – CLAMP
  • Animation Director – Yuriko Chiba
  • Studio Sunrise

Where To Watch Code Geass Season 3?

Crunchyroll has the first two seasons of Code Geass available to watch. The original Japanese version with English subtitles as well as the English dub version are both available for streaming.

Netflix also has entire anime series available to watch. You can find a detailed guide on where to watch Code Geass online here.

Code Geass Season 3 will most likely be available on Crunchyroll, but since it’s not a Netflix Original anime series, it’s unclear if Netflix plans to release it on its streaming service.


In conclusion, yes, there is confirmation that ‘Code Geass’ will return with a new series called ‘Code Geass: Z of the recapture’.

The announcement of the release date of Code Geass season 3 is still not accurate enough. For another Code Geass thrill, you can watch the film trilogy and read the manga adaptation of the anime series ‘Code geass. For more anime updates, check out our website Anime Ukiyo.

We will update the latest update soon when the official information is out on the page Restless Inkso visit often for the latest updates from us.

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