Code Defeated by Daemon, and this is Bad News for Konoha

Surprisingly, chapter 71 of the Boruto manga showed a clash between Code and Daemon, and Code was defeated by Eida’s younger brother. But it seems this is not good news for Konoha.

Spoiler Allert: the article contains spoilers about the story of the manga Boruto chapter 71.

Losing all his friends in Kara and leaving only himself alone was not enough to make Code despair.

After Isshiki Otsutsuki inherited him as the successor of his clan’s dream, he was even more enthusiastic and fought very hard to get Boruto and Kawaki to be used as food for the 10 tails.

Recently he’s been gaining quite a bit of progress, with the help of Amado, he managed to remove his limiters, allowing Code to get his full power.

On the other hand, he also gets into trouble, where his teammates at Kara, namely Eida and Daemon start to have disagreements. Even though he has succeeded in eliminating his limiters, Daemon is not a commensurate opponent for Code.

In an instant Daemon managed to defeat Code. It seems that Eida and Daemon are indeed interested in Konoha because they have Kawaki.

Reported from, the defeat of this Code does not seem good news for Konoha, precisely after this there is a greater danger that will threaten Konoha. Why is that so? let’s discuss.

Code clash with Eida and Daemon

Amando dan Eid

As we know, Eida has more feelings for Kawaki, and Amado knows this very well. Not only that, he could also take advantage of this to save his life.

At Kara’s secret base, Amando persuades Eida to move to Konoha and live with Kawaki, rather than destroying the village. Because basically Eida got an invitation to Konoha.

Code is of course angry with Amado. Apart from having betrayed Isshiki Otsutsuki, Code has also started to like Eida. Code began to intend to kill Amado.

But Eida disagrees, after all Amado has a lot of information about Kawaki, a person he really dreams of.

For Eida, Code has started to become a hindrance to something she has always wanted. Daemon is of course on his brother’s side, Eida asks his sister for help, and a fight between Code and Daemon is inevitable.

The daemon that has the power of reflection manages to defeat Code easily. For a moment, Code was amazed by what he was seeing, how could such a young boy be able to defeat him so easily, even after he managed to remove his limiters or barriers.

He who knows Daemon’s true strength prefers to retreat, and leaves for a while along with the bugs. And that means, Kara has now lost two of its potential members, Eida and Daemond.

Although it’s possible that Daemon and Eida will join Konoha (not confirmed in the manga), this doesn’t seem like good news for Konoha. Why is that so?

We need to remember, Code is not an easy person to give up, his determination to continue his clan’s dream is very big, even after he knows that he is alone.

But at first it was very simple, Code only wanted Kawaki and Boruto as food for the 10 tails.

After being defeated by Daemon, and if it turns out that Eida prefers to live with Kawaki in Konoha, this will foster the hatred that the Code has for Kawaki, which has existed even since Kawaki rejected Isshiki Otsutsuki’s karma.

And that means Code’s anger is certainly at its peak.

In the future, he might not only want to capture Boruto and Kawaki, but also defeat the Daemon who had humiliated him, and what’s terrible, he will also vent his anger on Konoha village who has snatched everything he has.

After having a lot of information about Daemon’s weaknesses, and he was confident of being able to defeat Daemon decisively, it was not impossible for Code to eliminate Konoha forever, just like what Pain had intended to do from Akatsuki.

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