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Class 8 Social Studies Questions with Complete Answer Keys – On this occasion, we will discuss examples of social studies questions for grade 8 SMP / MTs along with the answer key as shown below.

Example of Social Studies Questions for grade 8 SMP/MTs semester 1 and semester 2 2013 curriculum along with the answer key

Use a cross (x) to choose the answer to the letters A, B, C and D that you think is the most appropriate!

1. The boundary of the valley in the west of Southeast Asia is …

a. Australian continent, Indian Ocean

b. Papua New Guinea Indian Ocean

c. Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea

d. South China Sea

2. The countries that cross the Pacific are…

a. Indonesia and Myanmar

b. Indonesia and the Philippines

c. Malaysia and the Philippines

d. Myanmar and Thailand

3. The aim of the following Southeast Asian countries to establish ASEAN is not …

a. Accelerate economic growth and social progress.

b. Close relations other than ASEAN countries

c. Strengthening peace and stability in the ASEAN region

d. Mutual support in the field of technical and administrative professional training.

4. Most people in Southeast Asia live…

a. distributor

b. miner

c. farmer

d. Fischer

5. One of the reasons for the geographical equality of Southeast Asian countries in building ASEAN is that they…

a. Never inhabited

b. Between the continents of Asia and Australia.

c. Developing countries

d. ancestral family

6. Southeast Asian countries whose territory does not have a sea…

a. Brunei Darussalam

b. Thailand

c. filipino

d. Malaysia

7. The following statement, which is not a general characteristic of Southeast Asian countries, …

a. You are a developing country

b. Descend from the same ancestor.

c. Have the same fate and story.

d. Also, economic hardship

8. Before the West went to Indonesia, indirect relations were formed through trade that took place…

a. Rantai

b. Dark

c. Monopoly

d. barter

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9. The Netherlands was very difficult to conquer because…

a. There is a strong relationship between the Ulama, the nobility and the people.

b. Aceh’s natural conditions are difficult to penetrate.

c. The Netherlands has no war costs.

d. The Netherlands has not implemented the strategy.

10. The motto “Gold, Gospel, Glory” which has a negative impact on the nations of the East is…

a. causing wars between countries in Asia

b. Shipping and trade in Asia collapses

c. Withdrawal of all Asian cultural products.

d. leading to the colonization of nations in Asia

11. Remuneration for power wherever it happened during the Crusades…

a. Recognized

b. Gospel

c. Coalition War

d. Ordoric is Pardenone

12. The cooperative movement includes…

a. PNI

b. Gapi

c. SIP

d. SDI

13. In response to Gapi’s demands, the government established…


b. Visitor Commission

c. C. volksraad . judgment

d. Extraordinary Congress

14. Due to its geographical location, the territory of Indonesia lies between two main levels, namely …

a. Asia and Australia

b. Africa and Asia

c. Asia and America

d. Australian and American continents

15. Due to the astronomical location, there is a climate throughout Indonesia…

in. Ding

b. is

c. subtropical

d. tropes

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16. The west monsoon blows from … to …

a. From west to east

b. Australia is Asia

c. Australia is an Asian continent

d. From east to west

17. The main factor that causes the rainy season in Indonesia is the wind.

a. West Wind

b. trade wind

c. Angina East Monsoon

d. Angina against trade

18. The location of an area based on latitude and longitude is …

a. social culture

b. astronomical place

c. geological location

d. geographic location

19. In April – October in Indonesia usually blows …

a. The trade wind from the northeast

b. west monsoon

c. East monsoon

d. Southeast trade wind

20. Grasslands are interspersed with trees that grow in groups called …

a. Steppe

b. tundra

c taiga

d. Savannah

Such is the explanation of the example of class 8 social studies questions and their answer keys. hopefully it can be useful and useful for all friends. Thanks.


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