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Citroen Oli is cute, innovative, but not a car

Meet the latest wacky concept car to come out of France. PHOTO FROM CITROEN

If there was a prize for the country with the most unique concept car, France would definitely have a good chance of winning it. Maybe it’s wine or good food, but the French have an amazing ability to think outside the box and come up with new ideas.

The latest case example is Citroen Oil (be spoken ‘all-ë ‘), a concept car that isn’t really a car, according to the company. What you’re seeing here is a “multipurpose everyday extension to your life,” and while that sounds like stilted marketing language, Oli does come up with lots of great ideas that make a lot of sense.

Is it an off-roader, a crossover, or both? We don’t know. PHOTO FROM CITROEN

For starters, this electric SUV-meets-pickup crossover bucks the trend of making electric cars heavier and more complicated. Where is the resemblance to America ( Hummer EV) weighs over 4 tons, this French runabout weighs only 1,000kg. That’s very light for a fully electric car with the claimed range 400km. Achievements are achieved by keeping things simple.

There is no large touch screen in the cabin to operate the car. Instead, you can simply plug in your smartphone to operate everything, including the stereo which now consists of a detachable Bluetooth speaker. There’s also an electrified USB rail where you can plug in other gadgets and slide them around.

The doors are stripped down to the base, and the comfortable-looking mesh seats are made of eight parts, instead of nearly 40 in a conventional SUV. The dash and center console are also stripped to the max, and consist of only 34 parts, not more than 70 like most other cars.

It’s a simple and light interior that focuses on the basics. PHOTO FROM CITROEN

The hood, roof and pickup bed are actually made of recycled corrugated cardboard which is formed into a honeycomb sandwich structure and coated with polyurethane resin. The result is a strong material that weighs half that of equivalent steel.

It 40kWh the battery that powers this funmobile can be charged from 20% to 80% in just 20 minutes if you use a DC fast charger, and the top speed is limited to 110km/h. Oli drives around town on Goodyear Eagle GO concept tires that promise to 500,000 km. finaland no, it’s not a typo.

The wheels on which they are mounted have also been custom made, and promise to save 6kg each compared to more conventional rims. Some body panels, such as doors, wheel arch extensions, and bumpers are interchangeable—a fact that helps reduce manufacturing and repair costs.

The lightweight construction and materials should allow the vehicle to make the most of its 40kWh battery. PHOTO FROM CITROEN

Oli is also the first Citroen to feature the new company logo, and while the company has mentioned that it’s not a live preview of the upcoming production car, it has given it a price tag: €25,000 (or IDR 1.44 million). That’s not bad for a funky little city car.

Naturally, sustainability is also a big issue. Bumpers, for example, are 100% recyclable and already made of 50% recycled material in the first place. Citroen wants owners to maintain their Oil by using refurbished parts or interchangeable parts taken from used vehicles.

More automakers should look towards making their vehicles sustainable in all aspects of their lives. PHOTO FROM CITROEN

The company is right that this is a good step towards being more environmentally friendly and, of course, this is what we used to do before cars got too complicated to just look for parts at a thrift dealer and install them ourselves.

The box-shaped oil shows that future electric cars don’t have to be complicated, super-expensive spaceships on wheels, and it’s a step in the right direction. The arms race to fit bigger screens into cars, for example, is not only ridiculous, it adds cost and annoyance. We can imagine that this car—sorry, “a versatile extension of everyday life”—would be quite fun to drive in the city.

The pickup bed can actually be extended if you have to carry a very large load, and the stripped-down interior will let you focus more on driving and not fiddling with settings. We sincerely hope that many of the ideas featured on Oli will soon become production vehicles.

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