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Are you looking for a Chrome Bokeh Link Using 2021 Numbers without an Application? Maybe you should read until the end of the article that Mimin shares this time, guys. Because it contains dozens of bokeh links that you can already use.

The row of Chrome Bokeh Links Using 2021 Numbers without an Application that I share will also certainly make it easier for you when accessing bokeh videos which are now being sought after on the internet, guys.

It seems that the admin has often provided explanations about the best money-making applications for you guys. So now is the time for us to share an explanation beyond how to earn money on the internet, namely by providing several rows of bokeh video links.

All Chrome Bokeh Links Using 2021 Numbers Without Applications that we share this time, of course, must be accessed using the application of choice, yes. Well, some of these applications are already mimin spill below this. So, let’s just watch until the end!

List of Chrome Bokeh Links Using the Latest 2021 Numbers

Can’t wait, guys, want to know about which link you can use to access bokeh videos? Because the link is not random, usually guys.

Especially for bokeh links with number codes, of course there are several types and irregular arrangements. Therefore, if you want to know this, then you can follow the explanation that we have shared.

PhotoRoom Background Eraser


The first application is PhotoRoom Background Eraser. Most people use this application to document the various sales products they have, gang.

You can freely change various photo backgrounds to be more diverse. Even an unattractive photo if you use this application will certainly be interesting.

Not only that, you can also get lots of interesting items that can be used for free through this application. Below, we share some of the specifications of the application, gang.

Name PhotoRoom Background Eraser
Developer Artizans of Photo Video Background Editor App
Version 3.3.3
Size 23.60 MB
OS Android 8.0+
Price 129.000 – 690.000 per item

Vintage Film Camera OldRoll


The next application is Vintage Film Camera OldRoll. Produce photos that have the same quality as a DSLR camera, of course, it’s very easy through this one photo editing application.

Apply the bokeh effect on any object you want and of course you can also change the background with a bokeh effect which is also very extraordinary. Not only that, you can also add some stickers for a more attractive photo display.

Before you download the application, it’s better if you first see the specifications that we have prepared below.

Name Vintage Film Camera OldRoll
Developer Accordion
Version 3.7.3
Size 91.23 MB
OS Android 5.0+
Price 14.000 – 179.000 per item

Retro Light Leakage Film Camera 1998 1967


So, of course you also want to get photos in an old-school retro style that you can use directly? If you want that, then you can use the 1998 1967 Retro Light Leakage Film Camera application, guys.

This best photo editing application is indeed extraordinary with a variety of classic retro light leak filters that make your photos more classic, of course, guys.

Moreover, in it there are additional features that allow you to more easily make basic and advanced editing.

Name Retro Light Leakage Film Camera 1998 1967
Developer Analog Film Photo & Photo Editor & Camera
Version 1.6.3
Size 19.73 MB
OS Android 4.4+
Price 43.000 per item

Chrome Bokeh Link Provider Application Using Numbers 2021 for Free

It’s not just a collection of bokeh links that the admin has prepared in this article, guys. But also various applications that you can use to open the link.

So you don’t need to bother looking for applications that can be used freely. Because some of these applications are available in full below.

Point Blur Edit Poto Blur


For a bokeh photo, of course, Point Blur Edit Photo Blur has a fairly high ability, you know, gang. This application allows you to determine the focus point and which area you want to apply the bokeh effect.

Not only that, guys, their ability to adjust color saturation, brightness, sharpness and clarity of a photo is extraordinary. So don’t be surprised if its users reach millions in the playstore. The following is more complete information regarding the application, gang.

Name Point Blur Edit Foto Blur
Developer Add Quick
Version 7.2.3
Size 3.22 MB
OS Android 5.0+
Price Free

MakeupPlus Editor Selfie


If you are not confident with photos without make-up, then you can use the MakeupPlus Editor Selfie application for more stunning photo results, of course. However, the users are not crowded yet, but it does not rule out the possibility that the features in it are very few.

Because a lot of honest reviews say that this application has so complete features with extraordinary quality for you guys. Of course, you can use the premium features for free if you subscribe.

Name MakeupPlus Editor Selfie
Developer MeiTu Eve International Limited
Version 6.0.65
Size 62.49 MB
OS Android 5.0+
Price 86.000 – 429.000 per item

PhotoStudio Photo Editor


The next application is PhotoStudio Photo Editor which is often used by reliable editors in editing a photo. An extraordinary photo maker with features that are also very intuitive, of course, easier for users or even beginners to understand.

Make photo backgrounds more interesting and extraordinary with the eraser feature and also a collection of other interesting items that you can add, for example text with various fonts that you can choose. In addition to text, you can also add emojis or you can also make interesting gifs from funny photos.

Name PhotoStudio Photo Editor
Version 2.7.0
Size 35.44 MB
OS Android 6.0+
Price 24.000 – 489.000 per item

How to Access Chrome Bokeh Links Using Numbers 2021 Online

How do you make it easier for you to access the bokeh chrome link? Of course I will spill gang way. Which are some of these ways you can do easily, but you also have to be careful, yes. Can’t wait to know how? Please see the explanation below.

Picnic New Camera Magic Photo


Next is the Picnic New Camera Magic Photo application. Usually, many people use this application as a tool to add beautification effects or also replace a background with a variety of very beautiful scenery.

In addition, the Picnic New Camera Magic Photo application will also change photos to be of higher quality with noise removal features and you can even add very high quality or resolution, you know. So for sharing the results will be clearer.

Name Picnic New Camera Magic Photo
Developer ESTsoft Corp
Size 71.81 MB
OS Android 5.0+
Price Free

Polarr Photo Editor


The next one is Polarr Photo Editor, this application has a very simple appearance, guys. No wonder it’s easy for users to operate this bokeh video editing application.

You can apply more than 50 bokeh effects to a photo, you can even apply 2 effects and filters at once into one photo. Next you can make settings related to ISO, saturation, and several other items in this application, guys.

Name Polarr Photo Editor
Developer Polarr
Version 6.5.1
Size 40.57 MB
OS Android 8.0+
Price 15.000 – 329.000 per item

PicCollage Grid dan Story Maker


Finally, there is the PicCollage Grid and Story Maker applications which are also very useful for anyone who wants to make collages or photo grids. You can combine several photos into one with the quality that is not reduced at all.

PicCollage Grid and Story Maker are also very easy for you when you want to get more photo collections that you can use as inspiration in editing photos or videos.

Then below we have prepared a table of information relating to the application specifications, gang.

Name PicCollage Grid dan Story Maker
Developer Cardinal Blue Software
Version 6.76.4
Size 20.67 MB
OS Android 8.0+
Price 13.000 – 890.000 per item

There are several bokeh video editing applications that you can easily find in the playstore. You can also find out about various other selected applications through the list of articles at the end of the explanation.

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