Chinese Blogger Returns To Socials To Say Her Last Goodbye After Cancer Diagnosis

Chinese blogger Mint Sauce Small Q (薄荷酱小Q) has built up quite a following on Weibo with over 1.2 million followers. Her blog has mainly focused on beauty products and her fans clearly trust her judgment. However, she went on a long hiatus last April without an explanation.

Mint’s followers have been patiently waiting for her to return and she finally did so on 22nd May. Unfortunately, Mint’s return was not a comeback as a blogger. It was to explain that she had stomach cancer, and for her to say her last goodbyes.

Source: Weibo/Mint Sauce Xiao Q

The 35-year-old shocked many when she finally uploaded her first post after a year of silence. “(I’m) afraid it will be too late to say goodbye to you, (so) I will officially say goodbye to you while I still have some strength left to type,” Mint said apologetically. “I haven’t updated for a year because I’m sick. I have an incurable disease, advanced gastric cancer, and now, it’s terminal. I may leave at any time.

Mint shared that they had only identified the cancer after it had reached stage 4. She claimed it was dangerous and by far, the worse type to get. Mint added that it was likely inherited and was a gene mutation. Although she tried countless treatments, it was to no avail. “It’s getting more and more serious and I can’t stop it at all,” she stated. “I can’t eat and drink, I am semi-paralyzed in bed and am relying on infusions to maintain (my health).” Mint added that she now weighed only 27 kilograms.

To make matters worse, Mint, who is staying in Chaoyang District in Beijing, has difficulties getting access to medical treatments. According to her, it’s difficult to get transportation, and hard to seek treatment elsewhere. “The clinical target test has been postponed indefinitely in Shanghai,” she admitted. “I definitely can’t wait.” Mint shared that she has no hope of it being cured.


Source: Weibo/Mint Sauce Xiao Q

In addition to the news, Mint uploaded photos of herself before her surgery last year. “I probably knew at the time that (these) would be my posthumous photos, but I like them very much,” she said. “I will always be (remembered) at the fixed age of 35.

The blogger stated that she is hoping to meet her friends and relatives before she goes. She wants to leave them with photos of their time spent together. However, her parents are thankfully already by her side. “I just hate myself for having a rough fate, and I am sad that my death is at the wrong time,” Mint ended.

Source: Weibo/Mint Sauce Xiao Q

Fans gathered to thank her for all she had done and wish her well. Some reminisced meeting her, others reached out to offer her comfort. Her post at the time of writing has been shared 22,000 times with 422,000 likes. Like many others, we understand how difficult it is to come to terms with your own death. Our hearts go out to Mint.

Source: Weibo

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