Chicken and egg prices decreased in Sawan, 30 to 50% decrease

There was a significant decrease in the prices of eggs and chickens in the month of Sawan. Chicken sold up to 320 rupees per kilogram and it came to 150 to 160 rupees. This happened because non-vegetarian food is not eaten in Hindu families in Sawan. Such food is prohibited. The crowd of people at the chicken, fish and meat market surrounding it is negligible.

Egg sales also declined. Therefore, due to the massive drop in demand, there is a 30 to 50 percent decrease in The price of chicken, meat and eggs. Broiler chicken is at its worst and prices have fallen for many reasons. First, people stop eating. Second, it is not even supplied from one country to another.

In many South Indian markets, there has been a massive drop in the rate of eggs and chickens since Sunday. On Sunday, roasted broiler sells for 150 to 170 rupees per kilogram, while the unbroiled chicken sells for 95 rupees per kilogram. A week ago, the price of chicken ranged from Rs 240 to Rs 260 per kilogram. In some places, its price has reached 300 rupees per kilogram.

Prices fell sharply in Andhra.

Andhra Pradesh is a big name in chicken production, around five crore hens are produced annually. There is a demand of 8 to 10 broilers per day in Andhra Pradesh. But at the moment, there is a sharp decline in the system. There are many reasons for this.

The main reasons are the spread of seasonal diseases, the lack of unique festivals in urban and rural areas, and the prohibition of non-vegetarian foods in the month of Sawan.

Chicken and eggs in Andhra Pradesh are exported to other states. But there was a significant decrease in the supply of broiler chickens. The show will not go to Odisha because many festive events will be held there. As a result, poultry business in Andhra Pradesh is facing huge losses.

On the other hand, chicken egg entrepreneurs are also concerned because the cost has increased and profits have been cut by less than half. The soybeans and corn used in chicken feed have already become prohibitively expensive, which has increased the cost of the poultry business.

The same situation is in the northern states of India.

Apart from the southern states, egg and chicken prices fell sharply in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. In these states the ex-farm rate has been reduced from Rs 115 to Rs 60 per kg. In Jharkhand, this price has been reduced to Rs 50 per kilogram.

Aside from Flint, there is another major reason for the low prices. The rainy season continues due to the entry of moisture and cold into the air. This increases the weight of the chicken. People in poultry farms find it reasonable to sell chickens immediately after gaining weight because they are shy about buying heavy chickens.

The reason for the price drop is also that chicken prices rose sharply in June, causing people to cut back on food. Later, on July 15, people stopped eating it due to the onset of flint.

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