Check out the TKB Schedule, Interviews, and MCU After Passing the 2022 TKD and Core Values ​​BUMN Test – The announcement of the results of the 2022 BUMN TKD and Core Values ​​was out on the 9th yesterday and will last for 2 days until Friday.

For participants who have taken part in the selection, they can directly check whether they pass or not on the recruitment page

From the official FHCI account, @fhci.bumn, “Congratulations to participants who have passed the Basic Ability Test (TKD) and the AKHLAK Core Values ​​Test.”

And participants who want to check the selection results can access it through the official website for the 2022 BUMN Joint Recruitment

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Here’s how to check the results of the 2022 BUMN TKD and Core Values ​​selection:

How to Check the TKD Selection Results and Core Values ​​of BUMN 2022

1. Open the page.

2. Login using the email and password used to register for the 2022 BUMN Joint Recruitment.

3. Go to the My Site menu.

4. Participants will see the announcement of the results of the selection of TKD and Core Values ​​in the list of names listed.

In addition to the things above, the BUMN recruitment party will send a notification via email to participants before or during the announcement period.

TKB Test Schedule, Interview and MCU BUMN 2022

Furthermore, participants who are declared to have passed the TKD and Core Values ​​selection are entitled to follow the next process. Namely the Field Ability Test (TKB), Interview and MCU BUMN which will be held from June 12 to June 25, 2022.

The implementation of the three tests will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of each BUMN. The TKB test is to test the ability of prospective BUMN employees regarding the field they will undertake and also tests other fields that are important for their position.

Where later there will be examiners who determine the qualifications and abilities of participants and compare them with the targeted BUMN formation.

As an illustration of the TKB test, the following is an explanation of the TKB in the Regulation of the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Number PER-03/MBU/2014 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Procurement of Candidates for Civil Servants of the Ministry of SOEs.

Assignment test

That is intended to assess the abilities and skills of the examinee in accordance with the demands of the position being applied for.

Psychological Assessment

It is intended to assess the soft competencies of the examinees in accordance with the competency dictionary and values ​​of the Ministry of SOEs.

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The interview test is intended to explore specific things that have been neglected in the previous test measurements and to explore the results of the previous test measurements.

Medical check up

This medical test is intended to assess the health level of the examinee in carrying out the duties of the position for which he is applying.

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