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Cheapest Homestay Reviews in Jogja Near Malioboro 2018

Reviews of Homestays in Jogja. Indonesia is a rich country, not least in terms of tourism, beautiful and beautiful places stretch from Sabang to Merauke. This makes a lot of income for the State. Starting in 2018, the government plans to boost the tourism sector. One of the most popular cities and maximizes tourism is Yogyakarta.

People say, Yogyakarta is made of Longing, everyone who has visited Yogyakarta, will definitely want to come back to visit Jogja. Maybe, in the past, we still had a little difficulty and were worried that if we wanted to travel, there was a thought about how to stay, safe or not, for what budget. Those are all assumptions in the past, in the digital era like now everything is made easier by the online system.

The obstacle that is often faced is sometimes the unavailability of lodging or hotels in Jogja at times of high season such as long holidays, new year or Eid. On this occasion, we will review a few homestays in Jogja that are familiar to some tourists. This homestay can be used as a reference for travelers who want to vacation in Jogja, either with a group or alone.

One of the largest and official providers of homestay booking services in Jogja, which we will review this time, is W House. Yes, W house is a homestay booking site that has a website. last month the team from turorialapplication had the opportunity to try all the existing facilities and services.

At first we were confused about where to go on vacation to Jogja, then try asking our friends who are in Jogja. Furthermore, it is recommended to book at W House.

Review of homestay in jogja near malioboro

So it’s like this, for inns or homestays that are rented out by W House, there are homestays or rooms, if the thickness of the homestay means 1 full house for rent, the price itself varies, depending on the number of rooms and the location of the house. When we checked the prices started from 250/night for 1 house that can be occupied by up to 6 people. Some are very large and strategic, about 300 meters from downtown Malioboro, capable of accommodating as many as 35 people. The price reaches 1,500,000 / night for 35 people. Only 300 meters from Malioboro. We thought it was a very cheap homestay near Malioboro.

Homestay in Jogja Near Malioboro

Reasons for choosing homestay w house

Actually, there are a lot of homestay booking sites in Jogja. But why do we recommend W House for travelers? The reason is like this.

  1. Security Issues.

Just for your knowledge, the domain ending in is an official domain. So not just anyone can buy it, only those who have a business license and are officially registered with the government can buy the domain. In contrast to .com .net small children can have it. This is the first reason why when we want to go on vacation to Jogja, we book at W House, they use the website domain. namely So, it’s clear they are not fake websites with no clear jungle, friends.

  1. About Price

The price offered by W House is much cheaper than other websites, in fact everything displayed on their official website is an average unit of 1 full house. For example, 1 house at a price of 250,000/night can be for 6 people. How much per night for 1 person? very cheap isn’t it. For the housing units in the W House network, on average, they are also their own houses and assets, so the prices sold are cheaper, there are no broker fees or these fees. Because basically it is their own unit.

  1. Ease of Transaction

The booking process is very easy, you can go through the website with an automated system. On the website there is also a 24-hour chat service. For the booking process, you only need a 15% DP of the total transaction, not even a down payment as long as there is an initial agreement with them. This homestay review in Jogja is real, friends, we are not paid.

  1. Friendly Service and Free Travel Consultation.

Even better, when we are confused about where to stay, then which tourist attractions are good. How about the vehicle there. W House provides a chat service via whatsapp that can help us to consult for free by the customer service there. So all our confusion during Yogyakarta can be resolved.

  1. Wide network

The homestay review in Jogja that we recommend W House has a very wide network in Jogja. The units are evenly distributed in almost all DIY and there are many choices, so why if you order here, it’s better for those who recommend. Let’s just go with it, there are also motorbike and car rentals at W House.

homestay in jogja

Those were some of the reasons when we went on vacation to Jogja yesterday using the services of W House. So as not to be confused, for the office of W House itself and the official website, we will list it below, so you can directly make transactions there. In our review of Homesaty in Jogja this time, we also include some display units that are in the W House network.

W House (Quick Solution for Booking Homestay)
JL. Modang, Mj 3/435, Jogokaryan,
Yogyakarta 55143

0858 4274 8470 (Indosat)
0823 2795 1073 (Telkomsel)
Email : [email protected]

Website :

Instagram :

Once again we reiterate, for the homestay review in Jogja this time we were not paid a penny by W House, just as our routine to write articles on the website, and coincidentally yesterday we were on vacation in Jogja and used the hoemsaty booking service in Jogja via www.homestayjogja.


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