Charles Barkley Gives Ownership to GM Warriors Myers


Charles Barkley is seen during Capital One’s The Match at The Reserve in Moonlight Basin in 2021.

Several heroes emerged during the Golden State Warriors’ epic journey through the 2022 NBA Playoffs. Sure, it was Stephen Curry who led the attack during the Finals, but players who went up and down the roster played a vital role in securing the club’s seventh championship.

Andrew Wiggins’ stingy defense, his sudden outburst in the glass and his ability to capitalize on offensive opportunities around the margins rewrote books about his career to date. Meanwhile, Kevon Looney’s lunchpail game became a stabilizing factor on both sides of the field.

And not to mention Klay being Klay, the heroic return of Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr as a plus/minus god, and so on and so forth.

The one person who may not get enough credit for Dubs’ incredible success last season may also be the one most responsible for bringing it all together. Namely, the main decision maker of the team: Bob Myers. However, one hardwood icon is determined to give the Warriors president the rose he deserves.

Sir Charles’ Voice Dies in Dubs Prez

Watch: Warriors GM Bob Myers President Brandon Schneider Reflect on Championship RunWarriors GM Bob Myers and President/COO Brandon Schneider on the team’s latest championship run at Monday’s rally in San Francisco. Stay connected: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on TikTok: Follow us all day news: Download our mobile…2022-06-20T18:48:15Z

Monte Poole of NBC Sports Bay Area chases legendary baller turned TNT player Charles Barkley in the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course. And while Sir Charles had a lot to say about the Warriors, he made it a point to shout out Myers for his efforts to build a lasting winner.

“They’ve done an amazing job,” said Barkley. “They have a great organization. They got great players. General manager, what he’s doing is amazing… Bob Myers is the second best thing to happen to the Warriors since Steph Curry in recent years.”

Of course, Myers has been on the cutting edge of basketball operations for a decade now. But Barkley chose one of his more recent moves – the Wiggins trade – as a testament to the executive’s extraordinary impact on the franchise.

“I have to give Bob Myers a shout out because when he did that Wiggins trade, not a lot of people thought it was a good trade,” said Barkley.

“[Wiggins] ended up being the second best player on the team during the Finals. So give Bob Myers some credit. And, obviously, Otto Porter did well. Drawing of Jordan Poole. You talk about Steph and the guys, give Bob Myers a lot of credit. He deserves it.”

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Trading Wiggins Is Low Theft

Barkley was clearly not wrong about the Wiggins trade. That move, perhaps more than anything he’s done in recent years, may well be the thing most responsible for the Larry O’Brien Trophy finding its way back into the Bay area.

When it became clear that Kevin Durant was leaving Golden State for Brooklyn after the fateful Finals of Dubs made its way back in 2019, Myers acted quickly to devise a sign-and-trade that brought D’Angelo Russell’s star guard to the Gulf. Seven months later, he was able to flip Russell for Wiggins who, by then, had been disappointing as an overall No.

By then, his career had descended to the point where the intelligentsia viewed him more as a future trading piece than an actual on-field contributor. Clearly, the Warriors architect had a vision for Maple Jordan.

Go forward now and his team probably wouldn’t be the reigning champions without bringing Wiggins home. After becoming a first-time All-Star in 2022, Wiggins went on to finish fourth in the team overall in the share of wins over the course of the postseason. Now, the baler is in line for another massive contract extension


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