Characteristics of Entrepreneurs You Must Know

Becoming an entrepreneur or entrepreneur is currently a trend among millennials, unfortunately not everyone has the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur in them. Given that being an entrepreneur carries enormous risks, both mentally and financially, of course, prospective entrepreneurs must understand what they need to be successful in this field.

Since the emergence of startups in Indonesia, more and more young people are interested in creating their own brands and as entrepreneurs. According to the official Kominfo website, there are more than 2000 startups in Indonesia that have resulted in us being ranked 5th globally. What is an Entrepreneur?

According to the Byjus website, an entrepreneur is someone who owns or manages a new business and wants to grow and take risks according to uncertainty to make a profit.

In Indonesia, entrepreneur is often defined as an entrepreneur or business owner who is generally newly opened and still small in terms of value and area of ​​operation. However, the word “entrepreneurship” is now more often considered to be the owner of a brand that is moving online and marketing up-to-date.

Actually, a small business that operates conventionally can also be considered an entrepreneur. But most millennials in Indonesia are more interested in opening a business that utilizes technology optimally for both sales and promotion and branding. characteristics of entrepreneurs and lt;/p>

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Becoming an entrepreneur requires a high level of discipline, great responsibility, and the ability to plan and execute well.

As has been said before, many people want to be entrepreneurs because they are able to generate a turnover of up to hundreds of millions every year. However, not everyone has the ability to become a successful entrepreneur.

Not a few who actually stop in the middle of the road, fail to lose hundreds of millions, and some even experience mental health problems because of the pressure they feel.

Because as an entrepreneur is a very crucial role, where the responsibility for the financial requirements of the team will be in your hands, let’s first know what qualities a successful entrepreneur needs to have. Honesty & Morality

Both in the internal team as well as clients and customers, the honesty of an entrepreneur will determine the fate of his business. Because a business built using lies will not last long, it will only bring losses to the owners as well as investors and customers.

Honesty will also facilitate communication between the brand owner and the people around him. Because an entrepreneur must convey what is on his mind using trust for things that are his own brand.2. Initiative & Able to Make Decision

The next quality that must exist in an entrepreneur if you want to be successful is the ability to make decisions. This includes taking the initiative in critical situations.

Because the future of a brand is in the hands of one entrepreneur. There will be no action if not decided by the brand owner earlier. Therefore, nir entrepreneurs can be hesitant if nir wants to lose momentum as well as profit potential for the brand.3. Consistent in Speech & Deed

Successful entrepreneurs also must be consistent in words and actions. This will affect how the team behaves and how they judge you.

As a small example, if an entrepreneur says don’t throw trash carelessly in his team, he himself often throws trash out of place, then the team from the brand may see him as an inconsistent person.

Consistency must also be reflected in the planning for the brand. Because plans that are inconsistent and always changing will not bring your brand in a better direction.4. Knowledge in Business

Knowledge in the business world is also a quality that all entrepreneurs must possess. When you see a lot of young entrepreneurs who are already successful, it’s all not only because they started their business early, but also because they learned how to create a business with focus.

Learning in theory alone is not relatively a capital to develop a business. Because it requires exclusive experience in the field, flight hours, and experiential learning.

That is why several universities that have entrepreneurship majors such as Podomoro University always put good practice material in the form of KKN as well as observations on entrepreneurs who have developed in the Jakarta area.

Having extensive networking with experienced people is no less crucial. Because when we enter global entrepreneurship, we will need lots of constructive input from them.5. Ability in Communication and Social Interaction

Some of you may be thinking what is the relationship between business and social relations? Whereas social skills are the most important factors that will determine the future of your brand.

An entrepreneur who is not able to interact socially properly, is clumsy when he speaks, and is unable to convey what he wants usually does not have a broad business partner. While in the business world, networking is an external factor that can help develop a business.

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