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Characteristics of Damaged Printer Cartridges and Solutions to Fix It

Characteristics of a Damaged Printer Cartridge – Each printer has various components. One of them is cartridges. For those of you who have a printer, you definitely know about this one component.

Cartridge is a component part of the printer whose function is to remove ink droplets. Well, from the ink drops, the object of the image or line that we print is formed.

Cartridges are an important part of the printer. Because if the cartridge is damaged then the print on the printer will be less than optimal or bad. If it is completely damaged, it cannot be used again. So, if there is minor damage, it can be repaired immediately or given special care.

All cartridges in the various types of printer brands that are used have limitations on the use of ink in the cartridge tank and the number of printed pages that will be printed. All types of printers, of course, use cartridge components as their main weapon.

Like printers with the Canon brand, Epson printers and HP brands that rely the most on printing using cartridges. Of course, these limits vary depending on the type of brand and type of printer.

Cartridges need maintenance. Because if you experience problems with its function, the printing process will stop and can’t be done anymore. Surely this doesn’t want to happen, right? Especially if you have a lot of work to print on a tight timeline.

Why Printer Cartridges Can Be Damaged

Why Printer Cartridges Can Be Damaged

There are several basic things that can trigger problems or cause damage to the printer machine. Here’s a further explanation.

1. Old Printer Not Used

The second reason why your printer breaks down quickly is that it hasn’t been used for too long. The part that is most often damaged is usually the cartridge.

The ink in the print head (cartridge) will harden and cause the ink not to run smoothly when turned on again. As a result, the components will go the extra mile and eventually cause damage.

How to solve this problem is actually quite easy. Turn on the printer regularly, for example several times a week to print one or two sheets.

That way, the ink can always be liquid and can make your printer cartridges last longer. However, if the cartridge is already dry, it’s a good idea to take it to a service center so that it can be repaired immediately.

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2. Printer Over Capacity

If you print too much without a break, this can reduce the durability of the printer. Especially if the printer capacity is not sufficient. Too much printing here means you are printing everything in bulk at once.

If you are faced with many print jobs, then you should not block them in just one print command. You can outsmart by dividing the printout into several parts.

Perform printing in stages, for example only 20 sheets in one print order. Then allow about 2 to 3 minutes for the print head to rest and return to resume printing, and so on.

3. Filling Ink to the Printer Is Not Correct

Generally a printer with an infusion system will be very easy to fill ink. You do not need to remove the printer cover because the infused ink is installed on the outside of the printer.

However, if your printer does not use an infusion system, you must be careful about filling the ink. Not good if you like to fill ink (not infusion) too full, because it can cause the ink to flood and the cartridge will burst.

It is also recommended that you always use genuine ink. It’s okay, the price is expensive, the important thing is that the printer, especially the cartridge or print head, remains durable.

Usually printers that are infused directly from the factory will use original ink. Furthermore, when you refill the ink, then continue to use the original ink for printer maintenance so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

4. Printers Often Run Out of Ink

To prevent damage to the print head (cartridge), ink must always be present. Because if the ink runs out, what will happen is that the print head will experience high heat, resulting in a short circuit in the print head.

Generally because you always print in black, and without you knowing that the color print head has run out of ink. So, when the print is turned on, it will perform the cleaning process on the two print heads.

How to solve this problem is also quite easy. You can monitor the condition of the ink periodically and refill it. Alternatively, you can install external ink which is now very easy to obtain.

5. Printer Not Maintained

Do not forget to clean the printer once a week or once a month. It depends on how often your printer is used. If you are lazy to clean it, don’t be surprised if other components in it also wear out quickly.

Forcing the printer to print at an abnormal voltage can also cause the printer to break quickly, you know.

However, if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to bother with printer maintenance, online printing services are more practical for printing large documents.

It would be even better if you need to print routine documents like those at the company, you also order online, so you no longer waste time operating the printer or waiting for the printouts to finish printing.

Characteristics of a Damaged Printer Cartridge

Damaged Printer Cartridge

Cartridges need maintenance. Because if you experience problems with its function, the printing process will stop and can’t be done anymore. Surely this doesn’t want to happen, right? Especially if you have a lot of work to print in a short amount of time.

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1. Print Results Not Full

The characteristics of a damaged printer cartridge usually experience problems like this. Printouts that are not full usually look like only a third or half of the page is printed, not the entire page is printed.

This is usually because the cartridge has reached its maximum print limit, so when you print a full page only half of it comes out.

2. Cartridges are often unreadable

The thing to watch out for is when you use the printer under normal conditions suddenly a notification appears that the cartridge is not read or not detected.

And you have to be careful because it could be that the cartridge on the printer you are using is already weak. So you need to replace it with a new cartridge again.

But not to worry. You should try cleaning the cartridge and gently cleaning the chip with a paper towel.

3. Knowing through Nozzle check

Nozzle check is an additional system to determine the condition of the printer’s print quality. Every printer brand has this feature and you can use it to check the damage or quality of the printer prints.

By using the nozzle check feature, you can see the print quality of both cartridges. If the prints that come out are not perfect, it is a sign that the cartridge in your printer has a problem.

The problem that usually occurs is that the printer is rarely used. Thus, the ink dries due to dust or dirt, ink clumping or many other problems.

4. Striped Print Results

Basically the print results like that, it could be because of the ink factor, more specifically the ink does not flow perfectly through the nozzle hole so that the printout is not perfect.

If so then you do not need to rush to print it. Your cartridge is damaged, try doing Head Cleaning first. if not it means the head is clogged

5. Cartridge Not Detected

A cartridge that is not detected is also a sign that your printer needs a new cartridge, if your cartridge is new and has never been refilled or you have not refilled the cartridge, it means that the cartridge has not been damaged, only the cartridge needs to be reset manually.

Unless the cartridge has been used for a long time and has been reset before then it is no longer detected, meaning that your cartridge is really damaged, and there is no other way but to replace it with a new cartridge printer.

6. Color Print Results Are Not Perfect

This also has something to do with clogged heads, this condition is what we often encounter in color cartridges, we know that Cartardige has 3 colors namely Yellow, Cyan and Magenta, these three colors play a very big role in getting the printout as it should be.

If something is less than optimal, or there is an error in only one color, then the print result is less close to the original even far from the original, if the damage is too severe, then just replace your cartridge.

Unless the Magenta and Cyan inks are still good but the Yellows have faltered. You can try to do Settings on your printer only, Try setting it to High mode.

7. Test Print Color Abnormal

In canon printers, the cartridge usually consists of 2 pieces, namely cartridges for black and color ink, if when printing results that require colors other than black and the results are not normal, then this indicates a color cartridge problem.

Color cartridges are indeed sometimes not as often as black cartridges in use, thus making colored cartridges unused which causes the ink to dry out.

The color cartridge consists of 3 colors, namely red, yellow and blue. The right way for you to do first to justify the problem is by setting it to High.

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The final word

Well, that’s our information about the Characteristics of a Damaged Printer Cartridge, you should be able to detect it early so that your printer can immediately get the right treatment. If the cartridge can still be repaired, then you do not need to buy a new one. But if the damage is too severe, you should buy a new cartridge.

Thank you for reading our article, hopefully what we have shared can be useful for all readers and see you in our next article.


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