Chapter 87: Spoilers, Initial Scans, Release Date, Leaks, Countdown, Where to Read Online

Hello from there! Today we are going to update you on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 where we will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter like its release date, spoilers, preliminary scans, and from where you can read the new chapter.

Dragon Ball Super is the sequel to the legendary Dragon Ball manga written and drawn by ToyoTarou and supervised by Akira Toriyama. It differs greatly from the anime created by Toei Animation and is currently trending strongly with Epic galactic prisoner patrol.

Gas undergoes a transformation that allows him to outrun Goku at the cost of nearly all of his remaining life. Granolah saves gas, and orders the Heeters to leave Planet Cereal and never return. Granolah makes peace with Goku and Vegeta, ending his desire for revenge on the Saiyans, Heeters, and Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Version Date

The English translations of Dragon Ball Super 87 are scheduled to be released on August 19, 2022And the It’s 12:00 AM JST. The official Japanese version will be released two days before the English-language release on August 17, 2022. The DBS manga is published under Shueisha’s V Jump magazine, with a new issue being released every 20th day of the month.

Release time

For our international audience, here chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super will be available to read on the website.

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Central time: 11 AM
  • Eastern time: 12 noon
  • British time: 5 PM
DBS Chapter Countdown (Japan release time)


Is Dragon Ball Super on a break this week?

No, fortunately the manga is not on hiatus this month and Chapter 87 will be released according to its schedule. The author has not yet announced any such delay.

Dragon Ball Super 87 Raw Scans, Spoilers & Leaks

Goku – DBS

At the time of writing this reportThe raw scans and spoilers for chapter 87 are not out yet. These initial scans usually start showing up on the net 3-4 days before the official release date and can be found on online forums like 4chan and Reddit. So we expect this week to be available on August 17, 2022.

We will monitor them and inform you as soon as they are released. Meanwhile, for the latest updates and class discussions, check out the official ar/DragonBall subreddit.

Summary of the previous chapter

Runs largely at the expense of nearly all of his remaining life, Gas uses telekinesis to grab Goku by the neck and begins to strangle him. Using teleportation, Goku can escape and attempt to attack from behind, only to be casually dealt with by Gas. Gas claims that he’s never felt alive and every cell in his body feels like it’s on fire, providing fuel for him as he throws Goku into the woods before arresting him in a hurricane, hitting him after hitting a Saiyan before allowing him to fall to the ground. Gas picks Goku and proceeds to hit him over and over with giant spectral fists and boots made of to me.

Suddenly, an explosion was triggered between the two, originating from Granolah charging too much Goku, much to Gas’s astonishment. Granolah explains to Goku that while he was dreaming, he also heard Bardock’s recording on the explorer and asks Goku if he’s willing to bet everything on his power.

Granolah begins to set off an explosion, which Goku tells him he will try to buy him for some time. The two continue to fight, and while Goku is quickly brought down again, he’s not without a powerful kick of his own first. After noticing how much energy granola builds, gas targets him, even though Goku is able to protect him to me roadblock. Growing increasingly enraged, the gas unleashes a barrage of energy explosions on Goku until he is shot down by a still-injured Vegeta, who prompts Granola to speed up.

Where do you read chapter 87 of the DBS Manga?

All recent and previous chapters of My Hero Academia can be read online through the VIZ website or you can read Shueisha’s Mangaplus English manga portal.

You can also download files Viz’s ShonenJump App or Mangaplus’s official app On Android and IOS smartphones. The last option available is to wait for the actual release of its volume by VIZ or a local licensor.IswickReport this ad

We insist on reading the latest chapters through official sources instead of unofficial and illegal websites if you really want to support its creators in their continued hard work and efforts.

What is Dragon Ball Super Manga theme?

dragon ball super volume 14 hardcover
dragon ball super volume 14 hardcover

Dragon Ball Super was drawn by artist Toyotarou, who was previously responsible for the official manga adaptation of Resurrection ‘F’, and began serializing in the August 2015 issue of V Jump, which was released on June 20, 2015.

Toyotaro explained that he receives key plot points from Toriyama, before drawing the storyboard and filling in the details in between. He sends the storyboard to Toriyama for review, who edits the initial draft, making dialogue and technical changes, before sending it back to Toyotarou, who clarifies the final draft and sends it to Shueisha for publication.

Beginning in November 2018, after covering the final story of the Super anime series, the manga began its own original story arcs. Shueisha began collecting chapters in tankōbon volumes.

Well, that’s it for today. We will keep you updated with any news related to Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87. Also be sure to check out Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 and Osamake Season 2.

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