CartoonCrazy 2022: Best Alternatives to CartoonCrazy

If you are looking for a website to display your favorite cartoons and cartoons, CartoonCrazy is a good choice. We’ll go over some CartoonCrazy details and then point you in the direction of several comparable sites.

What is CartoonCrazy?

Many people choose to watch cartoons and anime on CartoonCrazy. Animations and animations can be streamed in HD on this site, which has a library of up to 25,000 episodes and covers a wide range of genres. In addition, CartoonCrazy provides a more kid-friendly streaming experience. There are no annoying popups to deal with while running.

If you’re a fan of anime and cartoons, CartoonCrazy is a great resource for finding new episodes to watch, but its flaws in slow page loading and updates often deter people from using it. Some CartoonCrazy live streaming servers are not responding either.

CartoonCrazy probably doesn’t suit your needs, but there are many excellent alternatives.

1. TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV

One of the most popular free animation websites is TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV. TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV also has a large collection of cartoons and anime, such as CartoonCrazy. Moreover, it is not only for fans of dubbed anime, but also includes a large collection of subtitled anime. Anime fans will find a variety of genres on this site, from classics to current songs, from Japanese to Chinese Donghua. For added convenience, TheWatchCartoonOnline.TV has a powerful video player that can play back videos quickly and smoothly. Before or during the video broadcast, you will not see any ads or popups. You can watch animations in HD and SD quality on your computer or mobile device using WatchCartoonOnline.TV.

2. KimCartoon

Kim Cartoon

Visit KimCartoon if you are a true anime fan and want to watch old and new anime. When KissCartoon was in its heyday, KimCartoon was thought to be her official website. Additionally, KimCartoon is a great choice for CartoonCrzy when it comes to cartoon shows and movies. An organized navigation menu makes it easy for you to find cartoons according to their popularity, update time, and alphabetical order on Searching for animation is made easier with the powerful search features of the site.

3. Animeland


CartoonCrzay is the place to go if you want to watch more dubbed cartoons. If this is the case, Animeland is the best option. This site is dedicated to anime with English subtitles. It contains a large collection of dubbed versions of well-known movies. Animation streaming is compatible with resolutions up to 1080p. Moreover, Animeland allows viewers to watch and download episodes for free.

4. Wcostream


Wcostream and theWatchCartoonOnline.TV are both run by the same team, so they have a lot of the same features and content. For the most part, Wcostream is the official website, however, there are other subdomains, such as,,, and, that you can access. All of these sites allow users to watch anime, subtitled and dubbed animations, and the loading time is very fast. You don’t have to worry about switching between different sites to watch shows.

5. 9Anime


It is a well known free streaming service with huge repertoire and excellent quality. Every day, there are new developments. It’s a great place to catch up on your favorite shows and movies. Several niche titles are also part of the collection. This site has a large user base and is generating a lot of interest in the animation communities across the board. If you are a fan of cartoons, you can use 9Anime’s CartoonCrazy alternative instead.

6. jojo anime

jojo anime

Gogo Anime is a great alternative if you are looking for free, high-quality streaming options for your favorite anime. It is one of the largest online anime streaming site in the world, with thousands of anime and series to choose from.

With fewer ads, faster streaming speeds, and the latest and updated episodes, Gogo Anime is a favorite among those who enjoy anime series.

Refresh your memory with the latest releases from countries like the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other places around the world. They not only have an endless number of cartoons, but they also have the latest releases in the genre of animated films. The streaming speed of this site, which uses a minimum of Internet resources while providing excellent services, has received high praise from critics.

7. Anime Heaven

anime paradise 1

If you are looking to immerse yourself in the fantasy world of anime and anime, Anime Heaven offers a huge selection of titles from all over the world. Centered on animation, it prides itself on being the first to release new episodes in HD before anyone else.

Anime Heaven is one of the best anime streaming sites, offering a safe and high quality experience to its customers for many years.

There was a primitive version of the site in Europe, and now there is a version friendly to Russia. The new site has much more space and all the subtitled and semi-dubbed episodes are now available on the new site. There is no way to download these episodes, but you can watch them online whenever you want if you have a stable internet connection.

Torrent magnets are banned in the majority of countries, so these streaming services are perfect alternatives. In Anime Heaven, the videos are of high quality, and there is no doubt about their services.

8. hollow

holo 1

The HULU Streaming Service app allows you to immerse yourself in different types of material from all over the world. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, it also features all the recent cartoons from the US, Europe, and Japan.

With a Hulu membership, you’ll be able to access all your favorite TV shows, movies, and sporting events in one convenient place. This is too good to be true, isn’t it? Cartoon loops can be a great way to break up the monotony of constantly watching TV shows on your computer or smartphone.

As the largest repository of TV series, movies and current events, it gives you access to materials not only from your country but from all over the world. You never know, in a parallel world, Hulu content may be available on demand as well. For a limited time, Hulu has partnered with Disney+ and ESPN to offer special package subscriptions. If you want access to an ever-expanding library of streaming media, you might consider subscribing to one of their services.

9. JustDubs

JustDubs 1

Non-Japanese speakers may find it difficult to follow the actual anime episodes. Even with the addition of subtitles, some anime episodes still have a weird feel. When it comes to streaming, JustDubs has a clear advantage over the competition.

It is designed for anyone outside of Japan who wants to watch dubbed Japanese content. Dubbed content is available in several languages, allowing viewers to choose the language they are most familiar with.

You can even join their Discord channel to talk about your favorite shows. Meet other anime fans and learn some puzzles and story twists that you might have missed while watching the series.

Spread the word Just Dubs to your friends via RSS feeds and social networking sites so that more people like you can easily enjoy their favorite entertainment.

10. voodoo


Vudu prides itself on a no-contract, no-subscription ethic. You can rent your favorite movies, cartoons and TV shows for a predetermined period of time and enjoy them to the fullest. You can pre-order thousands of movie sets on the site, even before they’re released.

To get the most out of your Vudu subscription and billing, you can also use gift cards and coupons to access a wealth of free content. Simply sign up and get the app to experience it all!

They have everything from Ben Affleck and Tom Hanks to Tom Cruise, Di Caprio, Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece. All you need is a Vudu account and you are good to go. However, if you wait for early access rentals to be removed from the list, you can still rent them.

11. rhino anime

Due to copyright or other legal difficulties, the vast majority of anime streaming sites have been forced to close. Although you may choose a safe anime site with the help of Anime Rhino. The episodes on their websites date back to the early 2000s, so you can get a lot of the material for free.

Previously, this site was ranked among the best anime streaming sites on the internet. However, the site had to be shut down due to technical difficulties, but it has since been moved to a new domain with all of its preloaded content.

Back-to-back and unreleased episodes of Beyblade can be found on this site, which is a goldmine for Beyblade fans. Firepower is no exception to this rule (the Japanese name varies). There are a lot of patriotic feelings towards the anime and its fans on this website, which offers unique content that can’t be found on any other streaming service.

12. Crunchy Roll

Crunchy Roll 1

Crunchy Roll is the best among the best when it comes to an exclusive streaming app that mostly focuses on thousands of hours of anime entertainment. One of the best animation apps ever launched, this streaming service contains news, talks and 25,000 hours of content for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of animation!

Even if you don’t mind paying a small amount, you can upgrade to the premium version of the site or app. Try it for two weeks, and if you enjoy it, you can upgrade to the premium service, which will give you access to special offers and content only available to you. Even if you don’t watch anime, blogs and news about current trends will keep you up to date with what’s happening in the world of animation.

In addition to English, the materials of the site can be translated or dubbed into several languages, depending on the user’s preference. It’s as simple as choosing a pattern and loop, popping a bag of chips, and getting started.

last words

You can watch cartoons and anime for free on CartoonCrazy. In the meantime, there are many excellent alternatives to CartoonCrzay that highlight the diverse content and their distinct identity. You may find some of them more valuable than others due to your own needs. What is your favorite website?

questions and answers-

  1. What is a crazy cartoon?

    Until it was closed due to copyright difficulties, Cartoon Crazy was one of the greatest places to watch cartoons online. This created a huge dilemma for animation fans around the world.

  2. Why was Crazy Cartoon popular?

    There were more anime series and episodes available on this site than any other site in the world. It also has a great website design and an attractive user interface, which makes it the clear winner in its field.

  3. What are the best alternative sites for Cartoon Crazy?

    Kiss Anime, Crunchy Roll, Movies4U, and many other sites are alternatives to Cartoon Crazy.

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