Carmelo Anthony’s former teammate “Baby Shaq” reveals Knicks players ‘cheating with their wives’ via special code – Illionois News

The name Baby Shaq may be the name given to many adults after Shaquille O’Neill, but it all started with Eddie Curry.

The NBA had another Curry in 2009 and then before Del Curry’s son joined the league. This massive 6 foot 11 man is one of the best high school recruits ever.

Illinois native Eddie Curry led his high school team to second place in the 2001 state championship and became the “Illinois Mr. Basketball” and also won the McDonald’s All-American MVP award.

This prompted the 19-year-old to declare himself for the NBA draft in what was probably the worst mistake of his life. Coming in as the fourth pick in the draft behind the big 4, Curry found himself overtaken by the Chicago Bulls, who had picked Tyson Chandler as pick #2.

Nevertheless, in 4 years playing mostly behind Chandler, he averaged around 12 points, 55 rebounds and blocked games. But then traded with the New York Knicks, which started and probably ended most of the troubles of his basketball career.

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Eddie Curry AKA, “Baby Shaq” Reveals Knicks Code Player Used To Trick His Wife/Girlfriend

There was a lot of other stuff going on within the Knicks organization or all of the NBA franchise at the time, which caused “Baby Shaq” to end his career earlier than he should have.

Apart from partying all the time and living life to the fullest, as if there was no tomorrow, the Curries have also set the tone for extramarital affairs.

“The stories in Chicago are funny, but not dangerous,” said Curry. “Story in New York? It could destroy someone’s house. I know they have Philip Chow and Mr. Chow. I was thinking, this is the same food and if you are on this side of town this is it. If you’re from the financial district, you move to another district.”

Curry continued, “I had a partner one night,” Curry said. “He told me, ‘Tonight was good, but from now on, we take our work to Philip and your wife to Mr. Chow.’ I was in Philip with my wife. He’s like, ‘Well, that’s great, but from now on, if you find yourself going to come here, you call people and tell them, ‘They shouldn’t be coming here with their girlfriends.’ That was the craziest thing for me. It’s really like a cheat code or method.”

Many famous stars like Carmelo Anthony, Amar’a Stoudemire, Chauncey Billups, JR Smith, Jalen Rose, Matt Barnes and many others played for the Knicks in that period. Not mentioning the curry’s name can be a problem for people who are still with their partner 10-15 years ago.

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