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How to Edit XML Blogger Blog Template allows you to customize its layout structure. But if you have a basic knowledge of HTML, XML, and CSS, you can customize it more drastically. You can add more layouts, customize the color, shape, or size of the widget, etc. In this article, we will cover how to edit the Blogger Template XML theme file.

Maybe there is a question in your mind, is it safe to edit Blogger templates? This tutorial article will help you understand it too.

Why should we edit Blogger templates?

As we discussed, we can improve the functionality of a Blogger blog by editing its theme structure. Let’s talk about some of the significant edits we can make to the Blogger theme.

Here are some reasons why you should edit a blogger template:

  • To add meta tag data to a Blogger blog,
  • Add schema markup structure data to Blogger,
  • Add CSS to make changes to existing designs,
  • Javascript to enhance or add some functionality to the blog,
  • And remove Blogger default js widget or modify theme files,other changes required.

Method for Editing Blogger Template

Blogger users can edit Blogger themes by two methods. The following cara edit template blogger :

  • HTML Edit Method – to Add new code, HTML, CSS to Blogger Blog.
  • Customization method – to change the theme color, font size, family, and color.

To perform the “edit html” method, you can login to Blogger

Select He

Click Options CUSTOMIZE ▼ Select

Edit HTML. While the “customization method” you can edit via the layout menu (theme designer) or the theme (customize).

From here, you can understand that HTML method is very helpful for customizing Blogger functionality.

How to Take a Blogger Template XML Backup

You can use this method to add, remove, or modify code into your Blogger template. But before editing a Blogger template, you have to make a backup first. This will help if any changes you make interfere with the theme’s design. You can restore that Backup.

Here’s how to take a blogger template xml backup:

  • First login to
  • Select He Click Options CUSTOMIZE
  • Select Suggest to backup the theme before editing.

After clicking the download options arrow, several options will appear. Select Backup to take a backup of the template. After downloading the XML, you can rename it to the date or change you made to remember the change.

You can restore that Backup using the restore option provided just below the Backup option.

Make sure the theme you use supports HTML5 because Google is a computer-based program to understand the right tags. For those of you who are still using the default template or the default from the blogger theme, we recommend downloading a ready-made free blogger template from JetTheme.

Look here: pjjaptikom

How to Edit the Downloaded Blog Template

First you can download the backup file, after that you can start and edit the XML template code in Blogger. You can modify the XML encoding from the CUSTOMIZE option with the Edit HTML drop-down menu as shown in the following image.

Now click on the Edit HTML option provided in the same window as the Backup file. When you click Edit HTML, a new edit window will open, as shown below.

In addition, users of the jettheme blogger template can see the html theme code settings for blogger template settings to improve blog performance and SEO.

If you have to make minor changes, then you can use this window yourself. But for significant changes, please copy the entire XML file and paste it into your computer’s code editor such as notepad, Notepad++, VS Code, Atom, etc.

Apart from that you can improve the design, structure to improve user experience or SEO of Blogger blogs. For more info you can read our previous post about the seo blogger learning guide for beginners here.

Customization Using Blogger Layout Template Editing Method

This is an easy-to-manage Blogger view of your Blogger blog. This option will give you to change background, main theme color, gadget visibility, title color font color, font size, etc.

To customize edits using the template editing method through blogger layouts, you only need to click Theme Designer in the description in the layout as shown in the image above.

But this method will only give you customization in Blogger color scheme. You may not modify, add or modify any functionality using this method.


This tutorial guide aims to explain how to edit a Blogger blog template. We cover HTML methods for modifying the design, adding third-party widgets, etc. And in the customization mode, you can change the font color, size, etc. I hope you like this article. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comments section provided below.

That’s the post about How to Edit Blogger Template XML. Hopefully this article is useful and can help you. Let’s share this article to help other friends. Thank you!


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