Car Parking on the Street, Neighbors Rebuked Even Angry It’s Viral

Cars that are parked carelessly cause disputes and arguments between neighbors Cars that are parked carelessly do often create disputes and debates between neighbors. Recently, something like that happened again.

The viral video of a neighbor who was even angry when he was reprimanded for parking his car carelessly was shared by the Instagram account @paguyonan.

“What do you think guys? 😂”, he wrote.

His neighbor was desperate to park his car in the middle of the road housing complex. When reported to the local RT, the neighbors got angry.

“Narrow streets are used as parking lots,” he wrote.

Based on CCTV footage, initially a man’s husband from the account owner was sitting in front of the house. Then the neighbor in front of the house reprimanded him for not accepting the report to the head of the RT.

Not only angry, the neighbor also insulted him. Even he was considered arrogant because he had reported it.

“You are new here, you are very arrogant,” said the neighbor.

“You just got a contract, you’re arrogant, hi,” he said again.

Getting words like that, the man did not accept and explained the initial problem. But still the neighbors are still angry and cursing at him.

“This is a road, miss, not a parking lot,” said the woman who owns the account.

“How come there is gas, can I park here?,” said the husband.

“Yes, it’s up to me,” replied the neighbor.

It didn’t stop there, the neighbor was even more furious. In fact, several times he said inappropriate words to the account owner named Duniaajainiboss and his husband.

“This is a public street, not your parking lot, not your garage,” he said.

“This is my yard,” explained the neighbor.

“This is a public road, sis, shame,” said Duniaajainiboss.

Then the woman who owned the account showed her neighbor’s car which was parked carelessly. To his surprise, his car was parked in the middle of the road, even though the road conditions were narrow.

Because of this parking car, the road can no longer be passed by other cars, only motorbikes can pass.

“This is the person who parked in the middle, how many months are we told to be patient here,” he said.

“I was told slowly, I still didn’t get discouraged, I just caught a stupid person, it’s funny! Who is the stupid one, who parks carelessly or who has a garage,” he explained again.

This video, which has been watched more than 24 thousand, has received various comments from netizens. Many of them are angry with the neighbors parking the car carelessly.

Make greget oi 😂 have neighbors like that😂”, said the account @ skinnybvf

Ma’am, I’m wrong to call the garage as luggage”, replied the account @ destyprasetya16.

Netizens have been given a video like this, why do you use crying again… that’s why if you watch the complete one 😂😂…. it’s the one who sticks out first, the house is pink (the ladies are wearing red/pink clothes) they park the car in front of their house and I feel free because it’s a public road😂😂 even though it’s a way to get in and out of vehicles. While the “Org rented” he already has a garage because the mothers were told it was difficult to finally report to the RT and the ladies in pink clothes didn’t accept it… just argue like in the video. Let’s hope it goes viral to the RT and the mother’s family who parked carelessly… so that they know what their rights are and their brains are used”, said the account @ kurnia_one84.

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