Caprice’s Wife Got Fucked. This is Caprice’s reaction to the man who dared to mess with his wife – Awattt Syeikhhh Network

Rap singer Caprice warned individuals who intruded on the privacy of his wife, Farra Inalis by sending messages via the WhatsApp app.

The man’s actions had gone too far and Caprice gave the individual 24 hours to make an apology before further action was taken.

“First of all Malaysia, I don’t care if you want to hate me, it means hate me. But when you start messing with my wife or my son.

“Or calling my wife at night or my wife’s WhatsApp is a sign that you have crossed the line between my personal life.

“Why? Because we will start thinking about the safety of my wife and child. So you have 24 hours to find Caprice and apologize up front.

“The first time you texted my wife, we thought okay this sucker might be crazy so we warned her in the hope of not disturbing my wife again.

“But no, today (yesterday) he also texted my wife, guys don’t play crazy, especially about family,” he said.

Through the short video as well, Caprice shared evidence of the individual’s WhatsApp posts.


“When people start to cross the line and make us worry about family safety… You have crossed the line,” he wrote briefly.

Caprice and Farra Inalis have set up a household in mid-November 2021.

Source : GEMPAK

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