Cannabis-containing drugs are allowed from next year, guidelines will be announced at a later time

Mention marijuana or hashish, people already know that it is classified as a dangerous drug. Anyone who used marijuana could be imprisoned or worse, and sentenced to death by hanging. The decades-long campaign to stay away from drugs can be said to have succeeded in educating the public about the dangers of drugs, including cannabis. But over time, more and more parties began to fight for the benefits of marijuana. Unlike other medications, marijuana is considered safe and good for treating certain diseases.

The arguments of those who defend marijuana cite examples of practices from abroad such as the United States. People say that marijuana is really good and should be considered an alternative medicine other than chemical drugs. Seeing this, the government decided to re-examine the use of cannabis-based drugs …

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The claim that marijuana is good for health is becoming more and more confusing, this UM professor explained the fact that it is a good thing

Before that, marijuana or cannabis was considered something that should not be eaten. If anyone wanted to take it, he had to take it quietly. It should be planted quietly. When it became known to the authorities, many were arrested because in Malaysia, all types of cannabis (cannabis and marijuana) were classified under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

Hemp is a plant that contains cannabinoids. It is understood that there are more than 100 types of cannabis and the most common are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabino). However, the levels of CBD and THC content differ for each type of plant in the cannabis species. Compared to marijuana with hemp, the THC content is very high in marijuana. Hemp does not contain THC, but it is high in CBD.

CBD oil is among the best-selling products in the overseas market.. – via Harvard Health

After our previous understanding of cannabis, any type of psychoactive substance like THC is dangerous. THC refers to all substances that can have an effect on the brain, as well as cause changes in terms of mind, behavior and ability to think.

Today, we tested the theory a lot. As a result, many other countries that initially banned the use of cannabis … eventually made the bold decision to allow the use of cannabis with conditions. We understand that many remain skeptical because they are concerned that it will lead to addiction.

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According to the Director of the College of Addiction Sciences, University of Malaya (UMCAS), Associate Professor Dr. Rushdi Abdul Rashid

“(The rating scale) is very appropriate, because researchers have tried for a long time but failed because it is very difficult to obtain medical ethics approval due to the stigma attached to this herbal plant associated with addiction, while all parts of the cannabis tree can cause (among the cannabis) addiction.

For example, CBD or cannabidiol (among the active ingredients in the cannabis tree) is neither addictive nor “high” but has the potential to treat autism, pain relievers, antidepressants and treat cannabis addiction itself,” – as reported by Malaysiaiakini

The potential of cannabis is seen as very great, and it can be used as a drug for autism, a pain reliever, an antidepressant and the addictive diseases themselves. Directly, this opens the door to more treatment options for mental patients. As for it being a cure for the disease of addiction itself, we remember nicotine and the anti-smoking campaign that is always chanted. To quit smoking, nicotine stickers (substances that make people addicted to cigarettes) are available in drugstores and drugstores as one way to reduce smoking.

The Ministry of Health has announced that medicinal cannabis products will be allowed next year, in accordance with this year’s CBD framework

The Ministry of Health recently announced that it will allow medicinal products containing hemp or hemp CBD from next year. This decision was made after a preliminary study conducted by the ministry and the National Drug Regulatory Division (NPRA) found that there was evidence that its use could help patients with certain diseases.

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This is good news and a ray of hope for any patient who needs the benefits of this medicinal cannabis-based product. However, it is not easy … This CBD product can only be used for medicinal purposes and is obtained with a prescription from a doctor in clinics and hospitals. It cannot be purchased from any party. Health Minister Khairy Gamal El Din said:

“When you bring CBD, it can’t be bought without a prescription. It has to be on prescription. When there’s a product here, doctors already know how to give CBD. It’s no use for us to have a license to bring CBD but doctors don’t know how to prescribe it.” It will take some time. So the schedule for next year is realistic.” – As reported by

During the policy-level supply bill 2022 closing session, Khairy Jamaluddin announced that anyone who wants to propose this chapter on cannabis use should submit an application. Applications for the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes will be submitted to the Drug Control Authority (DCA) for evaluation and will be recorded if there is sufficient scientific evidence. Following the statement, it is understood that many drug addiction treatment experts submitted research requests related to the use of cannabis for diseases.

The decision to allow CBD products does not need to go through any provision of law or approval in Parliament. The products will be suggested by the drug company and will need an NPRA evaluation before registering next year. This means that the Dangerous Drugs Act has not yet been amended. So it is difficult for people to abuse this flexibility, because the product must be ready to be registered in drug form.

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And he continued, clinical trials are underway on the use of CBD.

“Once there is evidence in terms of clinical trials for specific diseases, there will be an increase in the use of CBD that can be used and provided by clinicians. So different methods are used, product registration, product research to be registered and we will be open to everyone for later proposals and clinical trials. by researchers in Malaysia on the use of CBD”

However, in cannabis-related issues such as cannabis cultivation, the path is still a long way off. For KJ, we have to take it step by step carefully. If acceptance is high, safe and effective, then we consider agriculture. Undoubtedly, the idea of ​​Malaysia as a cannabis-producing country has been voiced by many people. KJ himself said, he sent several papers to grow cannabis plantations. Dr. Rushdie also imagined the same possibility, but for the purpose of research by researchers because the cost of importing cannabis is very expensive. If implanted alone, it facilitates researchers and paves the way for the creation of more new medical innovations.

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