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It is the only stage that plays, without interruption, during all the hours of Rock in Rio Lisboa. It is called Galp Music Valley and in addition to providing good music, it will send a very specific message about sustainability in cities.

The proximity of values ​​led to a formal partnership. And this year Galp is the main Rock Sponsor in Rio. A perfect match, especially since the festival decided that in this edition it will be more determined in its message for a better world. Each scene has its own message and Galp Music Valley aims to unite technology and cities. Smart cities. Mobility. All the topics the company itself is working on – so far best known for its fuel business. Just think of the various investments made in renewable energy, for example. As for Rock in Rio, says Carlos Pedro Pereira, responsible for sponsoring and integrating the brand into Galp, it is one of the few sustainable festivals that offsets the festival’s carbon emissions and where “Galp, this year, will take over the softening of the carbon produced in terms of the mobility of all the people who will go to the festival with their means of transport ”. In other words, “this means that Galp will compensate for all the CO2 sent into the atmosphere through existing carbon mitigation protocols.” In practice, says the Galp brand’s sponsorship and integration officer, this means that 80% of the festival’s emissions will be offset through reforestation.

Rock’s authenticity in Rio’s positioning for this year’s edition and, in particular, the choice of message related to the Galp Music Valley scene – the cities of the future – was, reveals Carlos Pedro Pereira, another point that brought the two companies together. . “When we think about the future of cities, it will focus on electric mobility, the use of solar energy as a source of renewable energy, along with other non-polluting energies that will emerge,” says Carlos Pedro Pereira. Given Galp’s presence in the Portuguese’s life, his position on these issues and the investments he has made, “it made sense, even during the pandemic, for us to start being part of this city of the future”.

There is a scene called Galp, but the company’s initiatives are not limited to this space. In opposite. There will be some stock in the festival recital. But let’s start with the scene. Carlos Pedro Pereira considers this an opportunity for the brand to work on decarbonization and medium-term sustainability in terms of energy. Are you? On the first day, for example, the scene will be fully powered by a hydrogen generator. “This is clean and renewable energy and, for the first time, we will have a fully hydrogen-powered stage,” says Carlos Pedro Pereira. In other words, the first day of Galp Music Valley will be “completely carbon free”, powered by truly clean and sustainable energy.

But why only on the first day? The explanation is simple and makes perfect sense. The rock in Rio is a large-scale event, which takes tens of thousands of people and, once mounted, “we could hardly put a hydrogen tanker to recharge the generator,” explains Carlos Pedro Pereira, who adds that the available load lasts one day. “The energy transition is exactly that. It has started to work little by little. ”

Demystifying myths related to electrical mobility

Still on stage – well, more precisely behind the scenes – there will be a small circuit off the road, among the trees in Belavista Park and where Galp saw a Galp Electric cart. Since last year, Galp has sponsored a racing cart participating in rallies – “which are usually dominated by combustion vehicles” – and now, on RiR, it will be available to festival-goers who want to have an experience driving with a pilot. The objective, explains Carlos Pedro Pereira, is to convey two messages: the possibility of holding a concert and the use of an electric car because it makes no noise and, moreover, you can use it in the middle of nature because. since it is electric, it is not polluting. “It is in complete harmony with nature.”

With this, Galp aims to show people that one of its strategic bets is electrical mobility.

On the main stand, on the other hand, there will be a copy of this buggy connected to an electric charger. Here we aim to show the ease of charging electric vehicles and demystify some related myths.

The company is widely used for the convenience and comfort of combustion vehicles. The pump is practically everywhere and you just have to stop the car, refill and so on. Electrical mobility is not like that at all. But for the person responsible for sponsoring and integrating the brand into Galp, this is not an obstacle. It just requires some planning. “Electric mobility requires a readjustment, a re-learning of what we need to do,” he said, adding that any planned trip is feasible. “Portugal is a great place to have electric cars,” says Carlos Pedro Pereira, explaining that distances are short, the country is small and we have a supply network with many stations spread throughout the territory. “Electric mobility can not be an obstacle to solutions that already exist,” he notes.

Families are “an important” audience for Galp and Rock in Rio. Given that both entities are aware that ticket price can be a barrier for a family to go to the festival. Therefore, it was decided to create a Family Passport, which allows, for slightly more than the price of two tickets, two adults, two children and an elderly person to enter the scene. Carlos Pedro Pereira says that not only does Galp want families to be able to go to RiR, but it also wants them to “see us as a family care company”. Along with involvement. And it is in this aspect that the company, on June 25, supports the arrival of a band from the Azores – the Tremor project – a band that has some dull elements that feel the music through vibrations. “They play in harmony, they are a phenomenon and we want to bring them to perform between concerts in one of the spaces we will have, which is the Galp Spot stand.” Why is this important. Because, Carlos Pedro Pereira explains, inclusion must exist in our minds, inclusion must be adopted by brands, because we can not look only and exclusively at those who, like us, have everything normal.

Names that rival Stage Mundo

It is the only stage that plays, without interruption, during all the hours of Rock in Rio Lisboa. It starts at noon and ends at two in the morning. Which puts extra pressure on choosing …er. Also because they are artists who, as Luís Soares, Rock in Rio’s international marketing coordinator, says, can easily be on the main stage, says Mundo Palco. From The Black Mamba, Bárbara Tinoco, Ney Matogroso, António Zambujo, Delfins, Diego Miranda, José Cid… there are some names that will even rival the main stage of RiR.

On the other hand, they are artists who, at the same time, embrace this kind of cause and who are “very attentive to urgency and are the first to take their own initiatives.” For all this, “the involvement of artists in these causes turns out to be a very natural conversation.”

The selection of artists to perform on stage was not based on their predisposition to embrace the causes of sustainability. But it’s something that helps and that, when you start talking about these topics, “they quickly fall in love”. And using these musicians, the fans, the audience of these musicians around a cause is, in Luís Soares’s view, essential for the scene to gain importance.

For a better world. This has long been the signature of the festival. And this materializes in some actions. And, as Luís Soares says, if all the spaces in City of Rock had a voice, Galp Music Valley would be the voice of transition, towards what we believe to be the Sustainable City of the Future.

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