Call Package 3/Tri

The 3/Tri Call Package is still the choice of many people, especially students. The reason is of course because the price of the call package is so cheap.

Even for calls to different operators, the price is still very economical in the pocket when compared to other providers.

In 2019, the Tri card issued many types of call packages that you can choose according to your needs.

What are those packages? let’s discuss one by one together. To make it easier for you to determine which package to choose, we will divide it into two, namely call packages to 3 fellows and call packages to other operators.

3/Tri Call Packages

This cheap 3 call package for fellow tri is suitable for those of you who have friends with 3 card users.

This package is divided into two, namely the Tri Mania package and the Nelpon++ Sesama package.

Tri Mania Package

With the Tri Mania package, you will be satisfied making calls to fellow Tri customers throughout Indonesia at very low prices without exception.

To activate this package, please access *123*5*4# or through the app bima+.


Packages with an active period of 1 day will not be automatically renewed. Only packages with an active period of 3, 7 and 30 days are automatically renewed if there is sufficient credit.

Call++ fellow

Call quota is often unused but the active period has expired? Try switching to the Nelpon++ Sesama package.

If the Tri Mania package is limited to the active period according to the purchase, this is not the case with the Nelpon++ package.

The active period of the Call + + Fellow quota will follow the active period of your card. To activate this package, there are three options to choose from:

  1. By buying a Nelpon++ voucher at the counter.
  2. Via the bima+ . app
  3. Via UMB code *123# then select Nelpon++

To find out if the Nelpon++ Sesama package is active, please check via *123*2*2*4#.

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Call Package 3 to All Operators

3 cheap call packages for all operators

In addition to packages to others, Tri also provides call packages to all operators in Indonesia.

This package is also divided into two, namely the Free Talk package and the Call++ package for Other Operators.

Free Talk Package

As the name implies, this package gives you the freedom to communicate with other operators both at home and abroad (Singapore, United States, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and Thailand).

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To activate the Free Talk package, there are several ways you can do:

UMB code *123*5*1#or press *123# then choose number 1, number 1 again to buy a 20 minute 7 day package or choose another package.

Via SMS:

MAU(spasi)ANYNET3c → 20 menit, 7 hari, Rp 5.000
MAU(spasi)ANYNET4c → 60 menit, 30 hari, Rp 15.000
MAU(spasi)ANYNET5c → 150 menit, 30 hari, Rp 30.000
MAU(spasi)BEBI50 → 250 menit, 30 hari, Rp 50.000

To find out the remaining quota:

Type INFO(space)FREE TALK send to 123 or via UMB code *123*2*2#, then select number 4 ( Quota Call ). then select number 3 FREE Talk (to all operators).

To unsubscribe:

Via SMS, tap STOP(space)ANYNET send to 123 or UMB code *123*5*6# then select STOP FREE TO TALK. Please note, if you unsubscribe, the automatic renewal will be terminated, not the quota.

Call Packages++ Other Operators

The Nelpon++ package is also available for other operators. With the same system, where the active period follows the active period of your Tri card.

Those are some cheap 3 call packages 2019 daily, weekly and monthly. Both to fellow operators and to other operators.

The prices and types of 3 call packages above can vary, depending on the internal policies of the Tri Indonesia company. For more details, please visit Tri’s website.

Forgot your number 3? read how to check number 3 yourself easily.

If you have purchased one of the packages above but are experiencing problems, for example, the credit has been cut but the telephone package is not active, please contact one of the contacts below:

  • Access 3Chat via the bima+ app
  • WhatsApp: 08999800123
  • BBM Pin : 24F1E25C
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 123 (from Tri number) / 08964400123
  • Visit the nearest 3Store.

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