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Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money Anti Banned – One of the best war games for Android that you need to try is Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk. This version has been modified, so it has more advantages from the features it has. With all the advantages of these features, winning in a battle is very easy.

With the development of technology, the activity of playing games is much easier. No need to buy a console anymore if you want to play games. You don’t have to buy a laptop or PC to play games that are currently available on Android.

Only with HP, which is actually used for communication media, you can play all kinds of games. On Android, for example, there are lots of games that you can choose from. The categories are complete, ranging from casual, action, to adventure.

Call of Duty Mobile is just one of the games that you can play from the type of Battle Royale or war. This game is very fun because it presents a variety of characters to choose from. In addition, the map as a battlefield is complete.

Another advantage of this game is the type of weapon. There are light weapons for close combat, there are also automatic weapons for long range combat. You can upgrade this weapon later to give greater damage.

Of course, weapon upgrades are not free, you need virtual money to upgrade their abilities. Likewise with the type of weapon that must be purchased first. Purchases are also made with virtual money obtained from playing bonuses.

Review Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk is a modified version of the original version. Additional information from the original version, this game was developed by Activision Publishing, Inc. Currently as many as 100 million Android users have downloaded and played this game.

It’s no wonder of course why so many have played it. Moreover, from its rating of 4.3 stars, it certainly adds its own plus value. All because the gameplay is indeed interesting, quite exciting like the original war.

The graphics are served with quality, sharp and clear with a high refresh rate. this is why when playing this game there is no lag or crash. But of course if you use a capable device according to standard specifications.

Then what about Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk which is a modified version? Not much different from the original version, because you play with the same characters, maps, and the same weapons.

The difference from the original version is from the features, the modified version is much more complete. Although some features can be obtained in the official version, but of course it is not free. This game implements an in-app purchase system, so there are some premium items or features.

This feature can only be obtained when you top up or buy virtual money. Because the price is quite expensive, you certainly don’t want to spend money this way. Very lucky because the modified version is equipped with free and complete premium features.

Fitur Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

It cannot be denied that the main attraction of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk is from the features provided. From earlier we mentioned features, but do you know what features are meant? Here is a short summary of what we managed to do!

Unlimited Money

The first and at the same time the main feature is unlimited money. In this game, money or virtual money is used to buy weapons, items, and characters. If everything is bought, winning a battle is not impossible.

Moreover, with this money, you can upgrade weapons to inflict greater damage. One of the keys to winning the war in this game is weapons. In addition, strategy is also very important as well as team cohesiveness.

Unlimited CP

In addition to the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk, unlimited money, the next feature that is no less important is unlimited CP or Cod Points. As with virtual money, the function of this point is to buy all the important necessities for war.

It’s just that the intended needs are slightly different. CDs are used to purchase weapon skins, character skins, and Battle Passes, among many others. With unlimited Cod Points and unlimited money, you feel like using an FF Sultan account, right?

All Characters Unlocked

Did you know that Call of Duty Mobile has many characters to choose from as you wish? Unfortunately, in the original version you can’t directly use all these characters. This is because some are still locked, it takes a certain level to open it.

It’s a different story if you use the modified version, where all characters are unlocked automatically. After downloading and installing it on your device, you can immediately select all the available characters without waiting.

No Ads

No ads is another important feature of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk. Indeed, this game is available for free on Playstore, everyone can play it. But when playing, there are ads that often appear so that not a few feel disturbed.

Moreover, some of the advertisements are in the form of videos, which burden the device and make the game a bit lag. If you don’t want to experience this annoyance, the modified version provides a solution that you can use with its ad-blocking feature.

Unlock Weapons

In addition to characters, weapons are also important items that are not all unlocked when you play for the first time. Some weapons are still locked, especially modern and deadly weapons. Fortunately this only applies if you use the original version, not the modified one.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Terbaru

Some of the features above are enough to make you interested, right? For more features, you can directly install and play the game. Unfortunately, the modified version is not available on Playstore. But don’t worry, the following Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk download link will definitely help!

No Call of Duty Mobile Mod
Version V.1.0.34
Size 1.5 GB
Minimal OS Android 4.3
Developer Activision Publishing, Inc

Cara Instal Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

Already know how to install applications obtained from outside official sources, in this case Playstore? Because this game is not from an official developer, the installation method on the device is different from the original version.

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Select ‘advanced settings’.
  3. Go to ‘security and privacy’.
  4. Select again ‘unknown source’.
  5. Slide the button on the section until it is active.
  6. Open ‘file manager’.
  7. Find the apk file that you downloaded earlier.
  8. Click once and select ‘install’ when an option appears.


Whatever game is modified, it’s definitely fun to play. The reason is, there are many advantages of the features provided. Like the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk that we discussed this time, various excellent features are also available for free. You only need to download and install it on your cellphone.


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