Butterfly app review to make money, does it pay?

In fact, adapted from the site Marijang Money Making Butterfly app is not a program that prioritizes making money online as we know it so far.

But the rewarding online job search software now is tempting for users who want to earn money by inviting as many colleagues as possible.

So think of it as a money-making program for inviting colleagues. For those who want to get a prize from inviting colleagues, this is the trick.

Butterfly money making software review

Kupu is an online job search software, users can find suitable vacancies according to the location. Create an online profile by adding an overview, video or photo explaining yourself.

When you want, job interviews can also be done online. Basically, everything is online, from creating profiles, applying for jobs, interviewing, and hiring employees to paying their employees online.

For those who are focused on how to make money with Butterfly, and not look for work or open job vacancies, this time the opportunity is wide open in the Invite Friends feature.

The award given is IDR 6000 for each invited fellow. If we succeed in inviting 100 people, we can get 600,000 rupees.

Steps to download Money Making Butterfly

The program is already in the PlayStore, it has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people. The specific direction in which some people take programs is to find work or assignments.

Go to this download link: https://play.google.com/toko/apps/detils?id=com.qiyee.recruit then install and register by completing some of your full details.

Steps to make money through the financial product butterfly program

You must complete the registration. The first time it is required to register by linking a Google or Facebook account, then complete your personal data in as many details as possible.

Just follow the current method, after completing the registration, you will have an account automatically. Then you can take advantage of the invite friends feature to earn money.

  • Opens the “I” menu in the Butterfly program
  • In the section that brings up your profile, there will be several lists, one of which is the “Invite friends” list.
  • Click on the menu and then type the invitation code or type the download link for Kupu with your invitation code

after, after. Every time someone registers and enters your invitation code, you will get 6000 rupees.

Steps to take money from the Butterfly Money Producer Program

The minimum withdrawal or cash withdrawal here is really small, it is only IDR 20,000. Just complete these conditions, and don’t forget to link accounts.

  • Open Butterfly
  • Go to “My” menu
  • Click the “Invite Friends and Earn Money” menu.
  • Click on the “Total Prize” button.
  • Click on Tariq.
  • Enter “Account Number”
  • After that select “Continue and Verify”

Since it is a promising, legal and protected software, it is definitely not cheating. Then I think it will pay you. If you don’t pay, you need to ask. Or the problem with you.

In general, there are malicious users who use the bonus mechanism and invite friends and cannot be trusted.

How much money does the Butterfly app pay to make money?

Quoted from the daily news www.ksp-sgi.co.id, can be shown that the butterfly program pays. There is no need to be afraid of being cheated, other than that we are not required to deposit. So the chance of losing is really slim.

However, for some applications of this type, the moment of sharing the prize is temporary. The bonus mechanism for inviting friends is just a tactic to get many new programs. I don’t know if it will last long or maybe not this moment with the awards. When it’s still there, make good use of it.

But I don’t understand either. It can go on forever. The problem is that the very successful TikTok or Shopee programs still give many awards to users who have successfully invited new friends to take this program and use it.

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