Bucin Exam 2022 – READY TO DELIVERY

KAli is admin siapngoding.my.id not sharing tutorials as usual. But this time what the admin shares is a Bucin test to test how bucin are you guys?

Is it the same bucin as admin or are you f*ckboy/f*ckgirl?.

The procedure for taking the bucin exam this time is as follows.

  1. Click button Start Exam
  2. Fill in the forum No and Gender We.
  3. Fill it in Gender with Man or Women.
  4. Click button Continue to start the Exam
  5. Choose the right answer
  6. The exam time is 10 minutes (600 seconds).
  7. The score will come out after you finish the exam
  8. good luck

Remaining time: 600 second


Bucin Test 2022

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