BRI Bank Loans & Installment Loan Brochure Table 12,18,24,36 Months Installment Tenor

When you want to apply for a BRI 2020-2021 credit or loan to get cash, you should first know the installment table or installments according to the credit tenor in order to manage finances properly.

Bank BRI is one of the largest banks in Indonesia that serves the public so that they can easily enjoy and use all forms of banking services, from opening savings accounts, various loan funds and other transactions.

All BRI bank customers have the opportunity to apply for loan funds that can be used to meet consumptive and productive needs with loan values ​​ranging from Rp. 10 million to Rp. 100 million rupiah.

Various loan products from BRI bank for the people

There are 4 types of loan products that are the most popular from BRI banks and are in great demand by the public because they are quite helpful in overcoming financial situations when they are difficult, namely:

  • BRI Business Credit Products
  • Borrow BPKB Guarantee Fund at BRI
  • Unsecured KUR Loans at BRI
  • AJB Guaranteed BRI Loans

Customers can apply for loan funds at all BRI branch offices or central units throughout Indonesia provided that they are able to meet all the specified requirements. Read more about the process and requirements for applying for a BRI KUR credit loan.

Table of BRI Loan Installments 12,18,24,36 Months

Latest BRI KUR loan table brochure 2021


The following table is a credit loan simulation brochure that you can study when planning an application for financing credit or a loan to a BRI bank.

By using this simulation table, you can calculate how many installments you have to pay each month for a million-dollar loan with a period of several years.

So if you are able to understand the calculations, it is quite easy to measure your financial abilities and needs.

To apply for a BRI bank KUR loan online, read the guide Click here

Borrow 10 million in bank bri

Using the simulation table above, if the customer plans a loan of 10 million Rupiah, the monthly installments to be paid are Rp. 875,000 per month for a 12-month tenor, and an installment of Rp. 318,000 per month for a 36-month tenor.

Which is more profitable between a short tenor and a long tenor?

Let’s just compare it with a simple calculation, namely:

Loan Rp 10,000,000,-

IDR 875,000,- x 12 = IDR 10,500,000,-

IDR 318.000,- x 36 = IDR 11.448.000.-

From these calculations we get the difference of Rp 948.000,- for a period of 3 years.

BRI bank loan brochure table up to 100 million with BPKB guarantees for cars and motorcycles according to price

BRI bank loan table with bpkb motorbike collateral and bri bank loan table with car bpkb guarantee


BRI bank loan interest rates

Bank BRI, which already has various types or types of credit loan products, makes different provisions regarding the amount of loan interest rates per year between each product, including the following table:

Corporate Credit Retail credit Micro credit Mortgage Credit Non-KPR Loans
9,95% 9,75% 17,5% 9,98% 12,5%

General requirements that must be met by the customer or loan applicant

For each type of loan product above, of course, there are different regulations or rules and conditions. However, in general it can be concluded that the applicant must be able to meet the following requirements:

  • Indonesian citizens
  • Have an average fixed income or salary of at least IDR 2 million per month

Furthermore, there are several documents that will support the loan application process, namely:

  • KTP Husband and Wife, Family Card
  • Details of latest payslip (original)
  • Original Appointment Decree
  • NPWP
  • And a business license or other information.

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