Break the woman’s car mirror with a knife, the man is ‘crazy’ when invited to the police station

The experience of meeting a rude driver is indeed one of the most painful moments.

This was experienced by a female driver herself when confronted by a male driver who acted aggressively by trying to attack her who was in the car.

Rushed to bring a cloth-wrapped knife

Through a viral video shared by the Facebook IRDK response team, a man stopped a car on the side of the road before rushing towards the car behind it with a knife wrapped in cloth to break the car’s window glass.

Break the window glass because you are not satisfied

In the debate made by the man and woman in the car using the Kelantan dialect, it can be heard that the man was not satisfied with the woman driver because it was believed that he changed the route to the left and to the right until the borrowed Vios he was driving hit something.

Because the female driver pretended not to know, the man felt dissatisfied and rushed carrying a cloth-wrapped knife towards the woman’s car before smashing the car window.

Invite to the station to settle the ‘edge’

The woman who was also ready with a phone camera had recorded the man’s actions before voicing her desire to bring this case to the police station.

However, suddenly the man’s emotions started to slacken and he just wanted the matter to be resolved without the intervention of the police. He also wants to pay for the broken window glass and the woman to pay for the damage to her car.

Take me to the hall, keep your voice loose

Going to the comment section, many left feedback slamming the rude actions of the man involved for acting aggressively by pulling out a sharp weapon with the intention of scaring other drivers.

Although it cannot be ascertained what exactly happened between them, the shared video clearly shows the actions of a road bully that could endanger other drivers.

Hope the police ‘collect’ this man

So far there has been no explanation about the incident whether it was caused by the female driver involved or the male driver.

Sumber: Facebook IRDK respond Team

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