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Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson’s Action That Makes Tension

Dwayne Johnson has received several offers from Warner Brothers to join the DC Comics universe. Johnson once said that he only wanted to play Black Adam.

As a big fan of his comics since childhood, The Rock does seem to have a strong vision and mission about the version of Black Adam he wants to play.

In September 2014, Dwayne Johnson was finally officially chosen as Black Adam. Initially, he will appear as a villain in the film Shazam!.

However, due to Dwayne Johnson’s excellent reputation and being considered a box office guarantee, WB decided to make a separate Black Adam film.

The original script for the film was written by Adam Sztykiel in October 2017, but after the planned release was pushed back to 2020, there was a rewrite by Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani.

The choice of director ultimately fell on Jaume Collet-Serra. However, the intervention of Dwayne Johnson as a producer is felt in this film.

Johnson seems to already know for sure what he wants to make Black Adam happen. He also has ambitions to make this film a reset button for the DCEU universe.

Sushi will provide this Black Adam review for you to read before you watch the film in theaters. What’s the excitement of the new The Rock movie? Let’s see, let’s review Black Adam!


A legend about a crown that has great power has lived for thousands of years in a city called Kahndaq. In 2600 BC, the crown was created by Ahk Ton.

He is a tyrant king in Kahndaq, who asks for the power of a demon named Sabbac. His efforts were stopped by a boy who was given the power of Shazam by the magicians.

The son, Teth Adam, and his crown were buried for five thousand years. Until finally an archaeologist, Adrianna Tomaz, took the crown and developed Teth Adam.

Five thousand years later, Kahndaq is ruled by a group of ruthless mercenaries called the Intergangs. They colonized the city as well as its inhabitants.

Seth Adam who woke up from his long sleep realized that he had extraordinary powers. He uses it against Intergang, but in a less tactful way.

This caught the attention of Amanda Waller, the leader of Task Force X. She then asked the Justice Society team to deal with and arrest Teth Adam.

A New Starting Point for the Future of the DCEU

Black Adam review picture 3

Dwayne Johnson is known to have great respect for his fans. He also listens a lot to the input of DC fans who want certainty about the future of the DCEU.

DCEU (DC Extended Universe) begins with the movie Man of Steel. However, the production is often met with conflict because WB is too ambitious to compete with the MCU.

Often poor planning makes the continuation of the DCEU unclear. Dwayne Johnson intends to make this superhero film a new starting point for the DCEU universe.

The Black Adam film itself, since its release, has received rave reviews with the biggest domestic box office numbers of Dwayne Johnson’s career. Although the film critics disagreed, the film was still a hit.

Welcome to Justice Society

Black Adam review picture 2

In Black Adam, we are introduced to the Justice Society team. This team is similar to the Justice League, but its history is much older.

The members of the Justice Society introduced in this film are Doctor Fate (Pierce Brosnan), Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), Atom-Smasher (Noah Centineo), and Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell).

They are contacted by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) who feels Black Adam can be a threat if not quickly controlled. Black Adam is very strong, defeating all the super heroes on earth.

Although the characters that appear in this film are all new (who have appeared in the film), this film is quite successful in providing an interesting introduction to the audience.

Led by senior actor Pierce Brosnan who appeared very cool, the chemistry between the JS team members could be built well. On average, these characters immediately invite sympathy.

Magnificent Action with Little Meaning

Black Adam review picture 4

Dwayne Johnson’s iconic image of an action star is very difficult to let go of. The Rock is physically fit to play Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson, although in terms of acting quality is still the same as before, it looks very ready and wholeheartedly to play the character of Teth Adam.

The choreography of the action scenes is magnificent and bombastic. The setting of Kahnaq is indeed designed to provide maximum spectacle of action for the audience.

The appropriate and appropriate music scoring also managed to add an exciting atmosphere to every action scene. The selection of several songs that are familiar to the ears also stirred the emotions of the audience.

Especially when Black Adam faced the onslaught of members of the Justice Society and they fought each other for strength. Once again mass destruction occurred in the city of Kahndaq.

Cyclone action that can manipulate the air with colorful waves that rotate is very beautiful and memorable. Likewise with the Hawkman and Doctor Fate costumes that look luxurious.

Although the action scenes are indeed exciting, this film does feel ’empty’. The meaning and message of the story are usually not important in this genre of film.

Cliche Anti-Imperialist Theme

Black Adam review picture 5

Director Jaume Collet-Serra maximized Black Adam’s role as the strongest superhero on planet earth. His strength is indeed extraordinary, to the point of being too much.

For example, Black Adam is described as preferring to destroy walls to move rooms rather than using doors. This is common to see in superhero films of this kind.

The premise that carries the theme of imperialism that still exists on earth can actually be more interesting. However, this story line is very weak in execution.

The conflict between Black Adam and the Intergang army can actually be explored more deeply. However, the oppressed people of Kahndaq there feel like a patch.

The Justice Society’s attack on the Intergang headquarters was too simple. Big plans that usually take time to build seem easy to implement.

In fact, the peak fight scene between Black Adam (who in this film is still called Teth Adam) and Sabbac feels too short and anti-climax.

Unbalanced Acting Power

Black Adam review picture 6

Dwayne Johnson may not really need a qualified acting talent. His figure alone is charismatic and indeed fits as Black Adam.

Actress Sarah Shahi is pretty good as Adrianna the archaeologist. Some of the conversations between Atom Smasher and Cyclone that were meant to be a refresher unfortunately sounded forced.

Likewise with the acting of child actor Bodhi Sabongui as Amon, Adrianna’s son. In some scenes, he appears quite good and funny.

Unfortunately, in an important scene like when he cheers on the Kahndaq residents, the way he speaks and the volume of his voice sounds like someone who is ordering fast food on the phone.

Fortunately, the presence of Aldis Hodge as Hawkman and Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate can cover all the other shortcomings. They are very cool and sympathetic.

Legendary actor Pierce Brosnan as Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate really became the unifier and leader of the whole team. The charisma of the former James Bond is still very strong.


Black Adam review picture 7

Black Adam is a superhero film that is slightly different because it carries an anti-hero as the main character. The action scenes are magnificent. Unmitigated and satisfying.

For viewers who really want to find fun and exciting entertainment, this film is very fitting and manages to provide light entertainment that spoils the eyes.

Despite the many shortcomings and a lot of clichéd dialogue, the Black Adam narrative in this film is good enough to provide a proper introduction to the new DC Comics characters.

Black Adam has indeed succeeded in being a connector that brings refreshing hope for the future continuity of the DCEU plans to come.

Oh yeah, don’t go out before the mid-credits, yes, there is a horrendous surprise for you DC maniacs.

Black Adam has been released in all your favorite cinemas. It’s really fun to watch, you guys!


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