Binance CEO Claims You Can’t Exit These Three Assets If You Want To Own Stable Coins

Cryptoharian – CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao via account Tweet It claims that 3 of the top 10 crypto assets are stablecoins. The three assets are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether which by the way are the highest priced assets in the crypto market.

“3 of the top 10 assets are stablecoins, which means there are a lot of ‘fiat coins’ on the edge and ready to come in again,” CZ said, citing its Twitter account, on Monday (08/2022).

He added, for people who have left the crypto world, or decided to leave this asset, they have lost the opportunity to hold Stablecoins.

“If people want to get out of crypto, most of them will not own stablecoins,” he said.

The CZ tweet itself is a response from a Twitter user named @KraZEMike83, who mentioned that the two largest crypto assets are owned by Binance. The account also displays the top 10 coins ranking on TradingView.

@KraZEMike83 wrote: “2 of the top 10 companies from Binance.”

Although Bitcoin and other crypto assets are still in the red, they have seen a slight recovery in the past week. A few weeks ago, the founder of TRON (TRX) named one of the legendary investors who still owns Bitcoin (BTC) and the stablecoin Tron (TRX).

The investor is Warren Buffett, whom Justin claims he met face to face. As it turns out, Sun and Buffett met in February 2020 at a $4.5 million charitable event called “The Oracle of Omaha.”

At that time, Sun gave a gift of a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 mobile phone to Warren Buffett. Meanwhile, in mobile, it turns out that there is a crypto wallet containing 1 Bitcoin and 1,930,830 TRX. However, shortly after dinner, Buffett had time to call Justin Sun and mention that he had donated the cell phone to a foundation, the GLIDE Foundation.

“I don’t own cryptocurrency. I would never have one,” Buffett said.

Meanwhile, data on shows the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market today, which are:

1. Bitcoin: Rp 340,239,286,00

2. Ethereum: Rp 24.289.404,00

3. Rope: Rs 14.878.00

4. USD Coin: Rp 14,871,00

5. Binance Coin: Rp 4.237.256,91

6. XRP: INR 5,637,45

7. Binance USD: Rp 14.858,90

8. Cardano: INR 7,681,00

9- Solana: 631.625.48 Indonesian rupiah

10. Dogecoin: 1,062,24 INR


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