Big e-bike blitz sees riders fined, tackled by NSW police

NSW Police perform a lightning attack on Sydney CBD on e-bikes which saw some riders face hefty fines and strong reactions from officers.

E-bikes are becoming the main mode of transportation around the city but many riders may not realize that their mode of transportation is against the law.

For one rider, he was reminded that his bike was illegal and not only faced a hefty fine but was also dealt with by the police on George Street.

“Ha, I hope you saw him throw me off the bike,” the rider shouted to 9News.

The rider has been arrested for the second time in two months on his banned bike and is also accused of evading officers as they patrolled for an illegal e-bike.

The fine wasn’t cheap, $704.

In NSW, only pedal-assisted and electric-assisted cycles are legal and e-bikes cannot exceed 25 km/h.

Gasoline-powered bicycles, bicycles powered by internal combustion, or using an electric engine to power the bicycle solely are illegal.

Personal electric scooters, skateboards and hoverboards are also prohibited.

E-bike user Imtisz Jahangir said the legality or illegality of e-bikes should be clearer.

“Sellers have to stop selling bicycles, they don’t provide information on which bikes are legal and which ones are illegal,” he said.

Meanwhile, as e-bike use increases across NSW, e-scooters will be introduced in the state.

Ryde Council, North Sydney, Georges River, Parramatta and Wollongong have expressed interest in trials to make bicycles available on roads in their area.

Beam Australia will supply the scooters for testing.

“There are up to 15 or 20 councils from across the state who are interested in trying e-scooters so we are working with them to understand their needs,” said Tom Cooper of Beam Australia.

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