Best Speed ​​Test App For Android

This speed test is a tool. And can show you if you’re getting the speed you paid for. Helps diagnose Internet problems, and is sometimes just fun to use.

Most people know about ookla speed test. However, there are many other things to consider.

Most of the speed test apps on play store are working fine. But this one is superior to the others. Here are the best speed test apps for android.

Please note, you guys are trying to measure your internet speed via wifi.

And you won’t always get the fastest speed that way. We recommend double-checking with a wired connection if possible.

Almost any web browser

You can run a speed test in a web browser on your phone. Like you do on the computer. There are actually benefits to taking this approach.

For starters, you don’t have any additional apps in your app drawer. The second is the number of options you have.

You can still use ookla. If you want or choose another website. Plus, there are some speed tests that you can only access on the web. For example, regional wide open west isp has its own speed test here.

And spectrum has its own speed test here (sourced from ookla). Some of them are not available in the app at all.

It’s not the most elegant solution, but you guys have the most options. By sticking with the good old fashioned web browser.


Analytics is one of the most powerful apps on the list. It does basic speed test stuff. Such as download and upload speed along with latency. However, this one also works as a wifi analyzer.

This will tell you things like the throughput speed of your router. What channels are active, and shows you other nearby signals. It can even tell if the router is wifi 6 capable, even if it doesn’t show up on your phone.

You can not only test your speed. But it also has the potential to identify issues with this app. And there’s an optional subscription for more advanced features if you so desire.

FAST Speed Test

Fast is a speed test application from netflix. This is one of the best free speed test apps. Which is available anywhere. It features simple and easy ui and easy set of features.

You just open it, run it, and see your speed. This one’s great because it’s not only ad-free, but generally pretty accurate. Plus, if you guys get good speed here.

Chances are you won’t have any problems streaming Netflix. Anyway, there are no advanced features with this one. So those who need more data might want to skip this one.


Meteor is a speed test app by opensignal, a trusted name in this space. The app does the basics like testing your upload and download speeds.

It also tells you how your speed will translate. In real world performance with apps on your phone. In general, as long as your Internet isn’t bad, your apps will work fine.

However, glad to see if there are any issues since your internet is spotty. You can also test and compare multiple locations.

Like your office, home, and your favorite coffee shop. Opensignal has another app (google play link). Which measures speed if you guys want to give it a try too.

Ookla Speed Test

The ookla speed test app is the one that everyone knows. You will almost certainly recognize the ui at first glance. Because it’s the same in the app as on the website.

The ookla app has some nice features with it. You can do the basics like testing the ping, download and upload speeds.

The app also keeps a history of all your speed tests. For future reference. Lastly, you can also perform a speed test from a different server location.

Personally, I use comcast michigan servers. Because a little more reliable than I have closer to me.

Sure, ping suffers a bit but the speed is generally more accurate. After all, it is one that people often use. And this is an easy recommendation.


Nperf is a speed test with some good features. Try your normal stuff like download and upload speed. The app also tests things like your bitrate. Transmission speed, browsing speed, and latency (ping).

There are also coverage maps for the top three US carriers. As well as the network screen feature if you choose to use it. It uses crowdsourcing for its coverage maps.

Newer android versions force this function to notification panel. Where people don’t want it, so the only way to get rid of notifications.

Namely by disabling the network map contribution feature in the settings menu. Otherwise, it’s pretty good for what it does.

Simple Speedcheck

Simple speedcheck is a minimal speed test app. The design is similar to the premise of fast by netflix. It has features of simple graphics, easy graphics, and complex features.

You just have to open it, run the test, and see the results. This app also lets you check previous results.

And track whether you do speed test via wifi or mobile data. There are ads here, but you can turn them off with a single payment.

This one is also free via google play pass if you guys use it.

Speed Test Master Lite

Now the next one is another lightweight and minimal speed test application. It measures the basics, including download and upload speeds and latency. The app also saves a chart of your previous speed tests. For future reference.

Each previous test also shows whether you are using mobile data. Or wifi at that. It also barely requires 3mb of storage as a install size.

Really not much for this one. It is relatively accurate, small, easy to use, and useful for quick speed tests.

Your router app

Most router manufacturers have applications for each router. This app is basically a simplified version of the web interface. It also lets you change some (but usually not all) of its settings.

Most routers have a built-in speed test function as part of the menu system. For example, netgear and asus both have the ability to run speed tests. And use ookla server to do it.

You can usually run this speed test directly from the app. This is a good solution as you may have already installed the app.

To manage your router and that is one less application.

Plus, because the router is connected to the modem. This is probably the best way to test a wired connection while wireless.

Finally, the last good benefit is if your router messes things up. You can use the app to reboot it.

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