Best-selling Offline Game 2021 That’s Fun to Play

Game Offline Terlaris 2021 – Temporarily getting away from the outside world is boring. Games can be a cure for boredom during a pandemic like today. Not only that, plus access to games without internet quota is the most exciting part. Just download the following 5 best-selling offline games on Android, can make the day fun:

1. Best Selling Offline Game 2021, Hill Climb Racing 1 and 2

Game Offline Terlaris 2021

It is certain that almost everyone has downloaded this unique game, namely Hill Climb Racing. This game proved to be very in demand because it has been downloaded by up to 500 million users. In addition, this game application already has 2 versions, you know?! Which type 1 was released in 2012 and type 2 in 2016.

Fingersoft has succeeded in bringing this one game with a unique design. The main focus is that the player must maintain the balance of the rider who looks sluggish in driving the car to the motorbike. This game which is one of the racing games also provides various fields for racing. Coins obtained at the end, can be used to buy cars and spare part new.

2. Brain Out! Can you pass it?

Game Offline Terlaris 2021

The next best-selling offline game is a legendary game that always comes out on social media ads. How come? This game has been downloaded by up to 100 million users who are ready to sharpen their brains. Brain Out! Can you pass it? Is a game puzzle which provides up to hundreds of levels to solve.

This game, which was successfully released by Focus Apps, was updated in June 2021 yesterday. Players will not only be overwhelmed to solve the given questions. But also will not expect the real answer. What is quite confusing is not only puzzle, but math problems are also presented in this game.

3. Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game

Game Offline Terlaris 2021

Who has watched the Despicable Me cartoon? Maybe you will be familiar with the cute little yellow creature, the Minion. Well, for minion lovers, you can try this one game called Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game. The game made by Gameloft that has been downloaded by up to 100 million users is still unique and funny to play.

Players will be presented with minions running to collect bananas that are lined up. Not only that, the game which was released in 2013 also makes players have to go through several obstacles. Minions must be forced to roll and also jump over the obstacles that exist to collect bananas.

4. Game Offline Terlaris 2021, Plants VS Zombie 2

The game is quite phenomenal and the next best-selling offline game is Plants vs Zombies 2. From the name of this game itself, it is quite clear, namely the resistance between plants and Zombies themselves. This game was originally a PC game, but in 2012 it can be downloaded easily on Android phones to iPhones. It has been downloaded by up to 100 million users, you know?!

Plants vs Zombies 2 itself is a game made by PopCap Games which has been officially subsidized by Electronics Art. The game focuses on fighting plants and zombies that want to eat the brains of humans in the house. These Plants themselves are guards with various weapons to prevent Zombies from entering.

5. Cover Fire: shooting game

Different from the types of games described above, the Cover Fire: Shooting game is a shooting game using weapons. This game is a game made by Viva Games Studios which was updated in 2021. It should also be noted that this game, which is the best-selling application, has been successfully downloaded by up to 50 million users.

This game requires players to compete as a soldier who will shoot the enemy. Not only required as a sniper, sometimes players also have to act as a bomber with missiles.

The 5 game recommendations above have their own uniqueness, and of course they are fun to accompany the daily atmosphere. Instead of being curious about the best-selling offline game above, let’s download it directly by visiting the google play store and playing.

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