Best Retro Games For Android

Hello techno friends wherever you are. I never tire of writing articles about games. Because there are so many games available now. So if you are looking for the best retro games, then take a good look at this article!!

Retro games have always had a certain charm. They evoke nostalgia. And makes us think of the past when graphics weren’t as important as they are today. However, don’t let the simple graphics fool you.

Some retro games, like baldur’s gate. Is one of the most hardcore games in each genre. And minecraft is the most popular game in the world.

If you want to get your hands dirty with a little nostalgia game. And I recommend the best retro games currently available on android.

Beamdog games (six titles)

Beamdog is a developer on google play. They have remade four retro games. Available titles include baldur gate, baldur gate II. Planescape: torment, icewind dale, neverwinter nights, and seige of dragonspear.

These are all early 2000s style rpg with a wide world. Deep storyline, and lots of game play. Each can easily go for four.

Or five dozen hours if not longer. If you guys really want to grind all the secrets.

The UI feels cramped on a smaller display. These games work best on larger screens like large phones or tablets. Otherwise, these are all classics.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

The next game is a port of the popular playstation game from 1997. This game is a faithful port of the original classic with some modern add-ons.

They include full compatibility with shared game controllers. With on-screen controls, various achievements. Support for six languages, and new advanced features.

This game is played like classic castlevania. It’s an arcade platformer with some hack-and-slash and horror elements. This is an excellent overall translation. And additional in-app purchases or ads.

Crossy Road

Crossy road is an iconic retro mobile game. This is this generation’s version of the frogger. You bounce a chicken across roads and rivers.

You also have to avoid obstacles and use the right timing. This is a simple arcade game that is family friendly and really fun.

There are also various unlockable characters as well as android tv support. It hits all the right buttons. The same developer also made pac-man 256.

And shooty skies, two better retro games. They are all freemium games, but the freemium elements are not a problem at all.


Doom I and II are as retro as retro games. This mobile port is a recreation of the original with a few extras. This game has built-in cheats and doom II also includes 20 additional levels.

In terms of gameplay, this is classic doom. Players run through each level, kill bad guys, and progress through the game.

As well as being really fun, the port is well done and people seem to be enjoying the game. This is especially true because bethesda actually fixed a lot of the early bugs.

Evoland 1 and 2

Evoland 1 and 2 are modern mobile games with retro gaming elements. It’s hard to express their genre. Both games cover various styles, graphic designs and game mechanics. That includes rpg, brawlers, top-down shooters, trading card games, platformers, hack-and-slash and more.

And also it’s a good game for people who like old style. But not married to a particular type or genre of game. The first one is quite cheap.

The Evoland 2 is newer and, therefore, more expensive in comparison. Both are great games. Doom & destiny advanced is an amazing and original retro styled jrpg.

Kairosoft games

Kairosoft is another developer on google play. Most of their games have a retro theme and feel. Some of the more popular games include the grand prix Story 2. Ninja village, Game dev story, and the manga works. All games have different mechanics.

However, they all share a simulation element. In grand prix story 2, you race cars, but you also run a racing car business. In Ninja Village, you fight. For regional domination, but you guys also build a lot of ninja villages. You see where it’s going.

The graphics are captivating and the gameplay is usually not difficult to learn. Some games are free to play, others are paid once titles. There are many options here and many premium games are also available on google play pass.


Minecraft is a classic. Vivid retro graphics have long been part of the game’s charm. It also features lots of things to build, kill, explore and do. Some people play in creative mode.

And build crazy stuff as well as others play survival. Build lots of stuff, and deal with creepers.

The update in 2017 gave cross-platform gaming. Since then, this game can be played on xbox, pc. And mobile together with other players from every platform.

That makes it a great game to play with friends. In-app purchases include character skins and minecraft realms add-ons.

Old School RuneScape

Old school runescape is, well, runescape. This game was originally launched in 2001. And made it retro by today’s standards.

This is a full game with no compromises. Subscription fees, activity in the world and all of that is identical to the web version. There is a free version with a lot to do.

However, subscribing makes the world about three times bigger with more skills. As well as more quests, and a ton of extra bank slots.

And it’s one of the few mmorpgs. Which doesn’t rely on freemium tactics to make money and we appreciate that too.

Raw Fury

Raw fury is a developer on google play. With some really entertaining retro games. The developer has some decent titles, including kathy rain (point-and-click adventure). Whispers of the machine (sci-fi noir, mystery), dandara (platformer/Metroidvania). And bad north: jotunn edition (rts).

Every game is surprisingly well done. And is an excellent example of retro games in their respective genres. They also represent something a little different from the arcade fighter lineup.

And it’s the regular platformers that usually dominate lists like this one. Some games by this developer are on google play pass for free.

That’s a friend of the best retro games that I can recommend to you. And also maybe just here the article that I made. Hope it can help.

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