Best Light RPG Offline 3D Android Adventure Game 2022

Offline Android Adventure Games – Halloo.. friends! Adventure is very exciting and challenging. Many people like adventure.

For those of you who really like adventure but can’t because of the covid-19 pandemic, don’t worry because there are many game a very exciting, fun and challenging adventure for you to play.

Game This adventure will give the players the freedom to complete various challenging missions.

Game Adventure is also popular because it has a large map and various surprises in the mission. Through game In this, players can be anyone and adventure in the world game.

Latest Offline Android Adventure Games

Game adventure offline which you can play without needing to use a connection internet. Here we recommend some game most exciting adventure.

1. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

A game that allows players to anchor pirate ships in various places. There are various missions that are given such as plowing and fighting enemies with cannons which of course will be very exciting.

Players can also sell pirated products, repair ship damage, buy cannonballs, recruit people, and so on in Caribbean ports.

With a large map and exciting missions, playing game this is really fun.

2. Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

Game it provides a fun dialogue. So you not only play it, you can also enjoy the dialogue that gets you carried away.

You can also choose various characters available in game this. In Game Your adventure will solve some exciting mysteries. It can’t be taken lightly, because game this is not easy to beat.

3. Ghost Town Adventures

Ghost Town comes with a slick graphic presentation also presents many interesting characters inside game this.

You will also be faced with a strong storyline game This is so you don’t get bored quickly when playing it. There are also many interesting things in game this one is like puzzle.

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4. Durango

Game where you have to survive by making tools, hunting dinosaurs, collecting medicinal plants, cooking and much more.

In game In this, you will play the role of one of the survivors of a strange occurrence and get stranded in the world of dinosaurs. Game it has nice graphics and gameplay which is exciting.

Players can freely do a number of small or incorrect things such as interacting with other characters, building shelters, picking fruit from the ground, cutting down trees and so on.

5. Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG

A game that will make you adventure in a vast imaginary world. There are various fun challenges that you have to complete. At the start of the game you will have one of three class available are warrior, rouge or mage.

Then you will also choose a pet or pet to help and accompany you to attack the enemy. Besides that game it also has daily quest, guild, quest and boss.

6. Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion

This game takes an adventure theme featuring one of the Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. Game made developer This Disney will take players into a castle full of challenges and obstacles.

You will be invited to adventure in the castle. You have to complete every challenge and mission that has been given from the game.

not scary, game it is presented with sound dancing back with stunning visuals. Save Mickey’s lover, don’t keep Minnie stuck in the castle for too long.

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7. Gemini Rue

Game adventure offline genre android science fiction This theme takes place on a planet called Barracus.

In game here you will play the ex assassin named Odin. Where you will have an adventure with a hospital patient named Delta Six.

You will be invited to an adventure supported by an interesting plot and an atmosphere that makes you enjoy this game. Gemini Rue itself gets quite a lot of fans from Android users.

8. Assasin’s Creed Pirates

Who doesn’t know game this one android adventure. On game Assassin’s Creed Pirates, you will take on the role of a ship captain who leads the battle with other ships.

We will also travel the world in search of treasures. With easy controls, and stunning graphics. Game You can download this for free on the Play Store.

9. Machinarium

Game This android adventure made by Amanita Design presents an extraordinary adventure. With simple graphics, but the adventure story will impress you.

Game It presents an adventure with a place on the planet. Where the planet is filled with piles of scattered garbage.

Inside game You are required to complete the network yourself puzzle to continue to level next.


LIMBO is game adventure offline interesting on android. In game In this you will be invited to an adventure in a quiet and dark place. Where there are many beasts and traps.

Game made by Playdead requires you to be good at solving puzzle so as not to get killed. With simple graphics and light to play. LIMBO is one of the recommendations that you can try.

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The final word

Well that’s some game Android adventure offline which you can choose to play. All game above can be played offline offline and online.

Each game has gameplay which are diverse and the challenges of each that provide excitement for the players. Have a nice play.

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