Best Hero and Counter Cecilion Items

Currently Cecilion is one of the most popular mages because if he is not banned, this hero will definitely be picked up and this hero gets banned quite often. The thing that makes Cecilion so scary is the late game damage. During the late game Cecilion only needs a few skills 1 to kill the opponent.

In addition, Cecilion also has a fairly high regen which adds to the difficulty of killing him. But take it easy because Cecilion still has a Counter and is very effective. Here are Cecilion’s heroes and counter items,


Hero Counter Cecilion Mobile Legends

1. Zilong


Because Cecil’s skill range is far and that is Cecil’s weakness, so heroes who can approach Cecil easily will easily kill him. Zilong has high damage, atk and move speed so it is not only easy to approach Cecil but also easily kills Cecil.

2. Harith

Item Counter Harith

Harith also has agile movements so he can easily approach Cecil or avoid Cecil’s skills. Harith also has high durability so it is not easy to die when approaching Cecil.

3. Helcurt

Hero and Item Counter Helcurt

Helcurt is indeed one of the most powerful heroes to counter the mage, including Cecil. Helcurt can also approach Cecil easily, even easily kill him because Helcurt has a large burst damage.

4. Aldous

Aldous Death 1

Aldous has enormous damage during the late game and is very easy to kill Cecil. Ultimate Aldous also makes it easy to approach Cecil wherever Cecil is,

5. Natalia

Build Natalia Top Global Sick

Just like Helcurt, Natalia also has a silent and can even give a silent effect 3 times in a row. Natalia’s damage is also quite large and will make Cecil die easily. Besides, Natalia who could disappear would easily approach Cecil.

Item Counter Cecilion

Athena Shield Mobile Legends
Athena Shield Mobile Legends

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Cecilion with items. Here are Cecilion’s counter items:

So that’s the best Cecilion ML Hero and Item Counter that you can use, are there other heroes? Write your opinion! Don’t forget to keep visiting Gamedaim so you get other interesting info.

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