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Best Free Super Fast Android Downloader App for Android

Hello bosquu, welcome to, On this occasion the admin will discuss the Fastest Android Downloader Application for all of you.

Android Downloader Applications Want to download large files through your Android device? In that case, it’s time to have an app to manage your downloads.

Unlike the standard Android download features, this application offers many advantages through a fast download process, pause, restart or resume.

How to use this application is very simple, optimizing files that are downloaded faster than usual. So you don’t have to wait any longer to access your downloaded files.

The Fastest Best Android Downloader Application Recommendation

Next, we will discuss some of the applications that you can use to download files from the Internet using your Android device. Read more below.

IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager can efficiently download and manage various files you download from the Internet. You may need to install this program if you want to download it.

Some of the advanced features available here, such as a more efficient file upload process, file uploads can be easily processed, combined with Google search, continuous upload cancellation and managed by a good UI (user interface), etc.

With countless powerful features, this app is a truly complete package for those who love to download music, documents, movies and more. Make it easier and faster.

Download Manager for Android

Download Manager for Android is one of the best download management apps for fast downloads that can download files larger than 2GB. Created by Renkmobil Bilisim, this powerful application supports various APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC and other file formats.

Like other types of apps, it also allows you to pause file downloads or restart downloads. It’s not easy, maybe with a better user experience than the same app.

Interestingly, you can send downloaded files to your computer. Imagine you are still using a Wi-Fi network. Basically, the byte processing provided by this app can only be done when you are on a WiFi network.

Turbo Download Manager

Are you the only person who likes to download large files from your Android device? This is maximized if you use Turbo Download Manager. Yes, this article can increase your download speed up to 5 times.

So, the work is very simple, you need to copy the resulting download link and then add or paste it into the functions provided by this program.

However, due to Google’s service policy, this TDM app does not support downloading from YouTube.

Loader Droid Download Manager

Not satisfied with the download management features available on your standard Android device? If so, you can now rely on Droid Loader.

Because this application can manage and download various types of files with a more optimized internet connection, whether it’s 3G, 4G or over a WiFi network.

In addition, this application from Dmitry Voronkevich also has a user-friendly interface where users will feel comfortable with the dark concept of this application.

Fast Download Manager

With Fast Download Manager you can make the downloading process easier and faster. There it can also download 10 files at the same time with optimal speed.

This app will automatically detect the links you open from the browser. If the link is from a good host, the download process may be faster, so there’s no need to wait any longer.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager also offers the advantage that Advanced Download Manager does not have the usual applications for managing downloads, except for fast downloads of large files.

Like, user articles can upload up to three files with maximum download speed. Surprisingly, users can stop the current download process and resume it later.


Utorrent is a program that helps you download large files on the Internet. This app only works when you are on a Wi-Fi network.

Of course, this application is the right choice for those of you who like to download movies or other large files. This is because it can download large files at optimal speed. Also, there is no limit on the files you can upload later.


Although PowerDownloads has never been popular as a download management app before, it has a lot of powerful features that should not be underestimated.

It also supports sending downloads to Chromecast-owned TVs, not just downloaders. With this application, users can upload various types of files and upload 8 files at once.

Interestingly, when using this ZER0LAB application, users have the option to install an ad stand. isn’t that right?

Download All Files

Of course, as one of the download management apps with more than 50 million, it counts and counts the downloads of various types of files at an unprecedented speed.

With this application made by MDJ Software you can download all kinds of files over the internet. No exception links that come from YouTube with copyright origin and prohibited by Google.

Super Download Lite

Not only its function for managing file downloads is very good, Super Download Lite is also equipped with a myriad of advanced features that are usually embedded in similar applications in general.

For a faster download process, you can use two networks at the same time, namely via cellular data and WiFi. Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy these features, the Android device used must be in root mode.

Other articles:

Those are some of the downloader applications for android version that you can try to download files from the internet to make it faster.


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