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Lahore (Women’s Table) Peach is a fruit that is widely produced in summer. It contains many nutrients including vitamin A and potassium, while other ingredients include B vitamins, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, calcium, iron, phosphorus, protein. And carbohydrates included. 100 grams of peaches provide 45 calories for the body. According to doctors, it keeps the skin and skin healthy and improves its color. It has been found useful in getting rid of stomach worms. And because it is rich in vitamin A, it also helps prevent cancer. It is considered the best for people who want to control weight due to its high content of more than 80% water and dietary fiber. Medical experts call it the fruit of constipation, but it is a product of glands and tumors in the body. It is also used by people suffering from joint pain, which aids digestion

The pain in their joints was greatly reduced.

It is called Shaftalo in Persian, Khoj in Arabic and Shaftalo in Sindhi. This is mekhurdani fruit, what are the vitamins and what is long gulkhori and what is the special name of Shaftalo. The tree of the same name, Mansoor, is the best that is poppy colorful and whose trunk is easily separated from the wind.

It is found in plains and mountains up to ten thousand feet high. The color is green and slightly reddish, the taste is in the lion, the temperament is cold and in the second degree, the amount of food is five to seven grains of pure honey and dark green. Ziabtis is useful in dengue and hemorrhagic fever. Kernel oil is useful in hemorrhoids, earache and deafness. Stomach worms die by cutting and drinking. In children’s anus for lice


Kills stomach worms, removes cavities and removes old cysts. . Digest food. You should not drink water after performing the ritual.

It is also a delicious and useful fruit. It is a natural remedy for many ailments. This is just kasha, a natural remedy for rheumatic diseases. It dries up mucus and mucus. Very useful for Dakhon Phase, Gola Smell, Hemorrhoids, and Diabetes.

The ingredients are also very ed and nothing more. There are 7 types of sugar in it. It kills stomach worms, improves stomach and eliminates whooping cough.

  1. Bukhara Plums:

It is also a very useful and delicious fruit, quenches thirst. Clean the blood

Peach in Arabic, Persian and Sindhi

nectarines; 2 Rowan is a popular common fruit, and looks abundant in summer

  1. It is found along the plains and up to 10,000 meters in the mountains. The temperament is cooler, second class, the number of food is 4 to 5 pieces. Vitamin C, mg per 100 grams, D mg per 100 grams, iron 4 mg per 100 grams, phosphorus 19 mg per 100 grams. It is a fruit that works as: Taqwa is the stomach, it is the liver, beneficial for diabetes, cures dengue fever, cures thirst. Useful for deafness, drinking it as a decoction causes miscarriage, pregnant women should be careful in eating peaches.


Peach syrup is beneficial in O and heat effects.


Bea is the fruit of the tree. It tastes sweet and spicy. It has three modes. Long second chappa and third goal. All three are green and reddish in value. The meeting of the peach blossoms was bitter and there were some matam who were not round but not grumpy and not kind. The one who sits is very urban and the humidity is high. Insects are produced due to the abundance of sap in peaches. Where there is goaza, it has more humidity and moderate temperatures, but there is also constipation due to ripe peaches. Be, be a lion and be fragrant. The peach tree is of medium height. The leaves, flowers are gummy and the seeds are bitter. The leaves turn red before falling and the flowers appear pink. The flowers are very abundant. Peach root bark is used as a dye.


Do it with lam. Witr is.

It is, or comes from, a noun. But also a bit busy. A taught in this way also causes constipation. Which stops the content of the statement and activates the sexual power. The warm steam covered the body, erasing the appearance and dominance of blood. Dispel the heat of the mind. In such a mood where drought tends to occur due to salinity. Special trip and expel blood clots. Creates a fragrance in the mouth and increases hunger and appetite in hot and dry moods, but produces gain and bitterness. This produces residue. Beneficial for extremes caused by sun exposure. Easy-to-digest actions are also easy to digest. The secretions are very early in the stomach and the secretions are scanty, very intense and regular in the stomach. It’s perfect to show it after the meal so the city doesn’t spoil the meal. It is done before eating so that the stomach heat can be digested. The results are suitable for those with hot and dry temperaments and more suitable for those with hot and dry temperaments.

Relieves itching. Peach double blossoms and meringue thali are beneficial. peach flavor

Giri Karun is a martyr from his deafness. By boiling aloe vera in baby peach water and cooking it in the nose, the insects die. Applying its fruit juice heals tooth decay. By sprinkling the fruit with celery juice, it imparts flavour. Karo where removed by his children get Kars. Half of the peaches are drizzled with black pepper.

In chemical analysis, it has carbohydrates levels of 12 percent protein, 5 percent plus vitamin A 880 units per gram, vitamin C 8 mg per 100 grams, calcium 5 per 100 grams per 100 grams, iron, calcium 10 milligrams per 100 grams and phosphorus 19 milligrams. per 100 grams. Found Colder, is a refreshing fruit for people whose appetite has stopped because of the heat. This is useful for them. Giving one grain to a febrile patient brings relief to the patient’s condition. Peach seed oil is useful for earaches and deafness. Kills hot leaves, heartburn, smallpox. Hot peaches and

Rubbing peach pulp with coriander leaves gets rid of these pimples. To get rid of hemorrhoidal warts and immediately, ankazor burning and itching will go away immediately by applying two or three times and using it for two months will also dry out the warts. Peach leaves are also used in medicine, fresh leaves up to one-sixth and dry one tola, two or three black peppercorns, make a foot full of water and mix with mint and use for several days, useful for hemorrhoids and heartburn, old and weak stomach. Honey or ginger jam can be mixed with peaches to aid digestion. In the market, there are also curtains sold in the market, they must be careful.

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