Baseus Rilis GaN Pro 65W & TWS Bowie M2 Charger Adapter

Jakarta, Biology – Electronic brand Baseus has launched its latest product to support the productivity of users who have more than one gadget. They are Baseus GaN Pro 65 W Fast Charger.

Baseus Indonesia Product Manager Yusril Izha Kirana said Baseus has now grown beyond just being a product provider providing electronic accessories. However, it has become a lifestyle brand that always follows and adapts to the lifestyle trends of its users.

“Baseus has become a lifestyle brand that always follows and adapts to the lifestyle trends of its users,” Yusril said in his statement, Thursday (14/7).

Baseus GaN Pro 65W Fast Charger provides conversion technology to be more efficient, one of which is the presence of updated GaN3 technology. The GaN Pro 65W charger head has a smaller size with a powerful port, making it easy for you to take it anywhere.

Baseus GaN 65W Fast Charger

The presence of BPS V2.0 Smart Charging is able to combine BPS II (Baseus Power Split) with GaN (Gallium Nitrate). The combination of these two technologies results in a smart chip capable of detecting the number of devices connected to the charger head.

This feature makes it easy to quickly charge laptops and smartphones at the same time. You can also use many different brands of gadgets by relying on a single port to charge the battery.”

In addition, Baseus GaN Pro 65W is compatible with PD3.0, QC4+, MTK, QC3.0, AFC and 45W charging protocols for Samsung devices. This charger head also supports three 65W USB charging ports, including two USB Type-C ports and one USB Type-A port.

In order to keep users safe while charging, this device is equipped with world class AC 110-240V standard which is backed by safety protection against static electricity, over voltage and short circuit. “Through this, we can ensure that every device connected to the charger gets optimum power.”

TWS Baseus Bowie M2 Headphones

In addition to introducing multi-port PD devices, Baseus has also entered the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) audio market with the launch of the Baseus Bowie M2 headphones. Comes in gradient colors and these headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and 4 microphones with built-in ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) and Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC).

The technology is further enhanced by the 10 mode setup software that can be accessed through the app. With this, TWS can provide clear voice calls.

Yusril added: “TWS is designed to support the productivity of the community when conducting outdoor activities and to provide for all the needs of its users.”

Baseus Bowie M2 headphones are equipped with a battery capacity of 30 hours. Yusril claims that with a 10-minute charge, these headphones can be used for a full two hours.

As for the price, the Baseus GaN Pro 65W charger head sells for IDR 499,000 from the original price of IDR 1,399,000. While the TWS Baseus Bowie M2 is priced at Rs 559,000 from the original price of Rs 1,699,000. The latest two Baseus machines can be obtained online via Tokopedia and Shopee, or they can be searched on the Baseus Indonesia website.

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