Bank Aceh ATM burglary gang arrested, two perpetrators are still minors

Perpetrators of breaking into a Bank Aceh ATM machine after being secured by the police in Banda Aceh (Photo: Ist), Banda Aceh | The Rimueng team from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Banda Aceh Police, managed to arrest three perpetrators involved in the demolition of a Bank Aceh ATM machine, in Gampong Lampaseh Aceh, Meuraxa District, Banda Aceh, on Saturday (14/5/2022) early in the morning.

Three of the six perpetrators were arrested in the Lambhuk area, Ulee Kareng District, Banda Aceh, on the same day, Saturday (14/5/2022) at around 14:57 WIB.

They are MAM (26) a parking attendant from the Darul Imarah sub-district, Aceh Besar. Then two others were listed as minors, each with the initials MH (16) from Banda Aceh City and ZUF (16) from East Aceh.

Meanwhile, the three other perpetrators who are still at large have the initials WAH (25), BY (25) and BBM (23).

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The Banda Aceh Police Chief, Kombes Pol Joko Krisdiyanto, through Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Kompol M Ryan Citra Yudha said his party was moving quickly to collect evidence, explore the statements of witnesses and residents and examine CCTV footage around Bank Aceh ATM machines.

Previously, information developed that there were five actors involved in the case of dismantling the Bank Aceh ATM machine using a Toyota Avanza. However, it was later revealed that there were six perpetrators.

“We went to the location and carried out a crime scene investigation carried out by the Inafis Satreskrim Polresta Team. Thank God, the personnel’s intense hard work has finally shown a bright spot,” said Kompol Ryan.

The investigation also yielded results, where at around 14.00 WIB, the opsnal team received information on the whereabouts of a white Toyota Avanza which the perpetrators suspected of carrying while carrying out the action.

“The car was seen in the Lamnyong area. As soon as they received the information, the team immediately moved quickly, “explained Kompol Ryan.

Officers also carried out surveillance and surveillance. However, the perpetrators sensed the presence of officers, so the perpetrators fled.

The personnel who knew their presence was sniffed by the gangs that broke into the Bank Aceh ATM machine immediately gave chase and at around 14:55 WIB, the three suspects were caught in the Lambhuk, Ulee Kareng, Banda Aceh area along with the Toyota Avanza BL 1861 LM.

“While the other three perpetrators are still being sought and the police have already pocketed their identities,” he explained.

The three suspects who are still at large were asked to immediately hand over to the police, before decisive and measurable action was taken.

“Once the actions of the perpetrators failed, the suspects had separated themselves in the Lamnyong area,” said Commissioner Ryan.

The former Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Aceh Tamiang Police, explained that in carrying out his action at around 03.00 WIB, he had prepared a sebo as a face covering.

Four suspects got out of the car to carry out the action (including two minors). Meanwhile, another perpetrator was on standby at the steering wheel of the car and another as a scout for residents crossing the highway from inside the car.

“The four suspects partially entered the ATM machine gallery of Bank Aceh while breaking the hook of the ATM machine and painting the CCTV camera inside the ATM room. Then, some of the other actors’ tasks are tying the ATM machine using a towing strap,” said Kasatreskrim.

Furthermore, the tow rope was tied to the towing car. Immediately, the car pulled the Bank Aceh ATM machine which was tied with a towing strap.

“The Bank Aceh ATM machine was detached from its position. Alhamdulillah, residents who were responsive and saw this immediately enlivened the location. The perpetrators who saw this immediately fled,” said Commissioner Ryan.

“Now the three suspects who have been arrested have been detained at the Polresta. However, on the other hand, the statements of the three are still being investigated and intensified,” said Commissioner Ryan.

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