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Baby Gen Apk – Having a child is everyone’s desire, but do you know what the face of your children will look like with your partner? It is very difficult to predict the faces of our children in the future, but for entertainment you can use an application called Baby Gen Apk. The application with the full name BabyGenerator – Predict Your Future Baby Face is indeed very sophisticated.

In this Baby Gen Apk application, you can predict the faces of your children later, well even though it’s not certain and only a prediction, but at least it’s quite entertaining and you have an idea what your child will be like.

The most interesting thing in this application is that you only need to enter a photo, for those who are already in pairs, please enter a photo of the father, then enter a photo of the mother, the result is that a photo of a child appears and the face of a child aged 1 to 10 years will appear and it depends of gender whether female or male. To find out more about the apk, just check below.

About Baby Generator Apk

In general, this apk will be able to predict the face of a child from each husband and wife, this prediction is taken using technological sophistication, the results may be different from reality.

This application itself was made by the DBAI developer which was updated in June to be exact on 29 2021 ago with version 1.51 with a size of 4.6MB. This application can only be used on Android smartphones 4.4 or higher and so far the advanced apk has been downloaded by more than 1 million users.

You need to know, this apk does not use genetic technology predictions. How are you interested in trying it? Let’s download the apk at the following link.

Download Apk

Link Download : Baby Generator App

In this apk, you don’t need to bother activating unknown sources when installing, just click install on the right side button then the installation process will take place.

This is because the Baby Gen Apk is an official apk provided on the play store, meaning it has a security system guaranteed by the android market.

After the Baby Gen Apk is installed on your smartphone, are you curious about how to use it? Don’t worry, here you will know how to use it.

How to Use Baby Gen Apk

How to Use Baby Gen Apk

To use the apk is very simple, it can even be said that it is easier than what you imagine. The thing that must be prepared first is to prepare a photo of who will become a father (husband) then also prepare a photo of who will become a mother (wife).

If both photos are ready, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open Baby Gen Apk.
  2. Next select the photo of the father and input.
  3. Then select the mother’s photo and enter it.
  4. Next, enter the gender of the child you want, for example, if you want a boy.
  5. Then decide how old you want to be.
  6. If you have just click on the prediction of his face.
  7. Wait for the process to complete, then the prediction of the child’s face will appear at the bottom of the photo between father and mother.
  8. Check the results yourself and guess whether there are similarities or not.
  9. Good luck.

It should be underlined that this Baby Gen Apk is only an entertainment apk and is not 100% correct, so don’t take it too seriously. Hopefully the result of your child’s face is handsome if it’s a boy and beautiful if it’s a girl.

Besides being able to predict a child’s face, there are other features that you can try in this application, including being able to make lots of family photo collages, save and share photos.

Oh yes, the results of the child’s predictions that will be produced will have results like the following.

Prediction Results of Children’s Faces Using Baby Gene Apk

  • The face will then directly look at the camera.
  • High quality images and good lighting.
  • A face without a beard.

Well, that’s the explanation about Baby Gen Apk and how to use it. Well, for those of you who don’t have children yet, it’s okay to try it now. Let’s try it while the free application is used, what will the results be like if you have children.


This application is still very new so many people don’t know it and some even misinterpret it, so to share correct information, please share this article with your friends who want to know about it. Once again, we emphasize that this apk is only for entertainment and uses advanced technology, not genetic technology. Let’s try the apk and use it, hopefully the results are what you want.

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