What is Autobola?

Autobola is an official online gambling site and a trusted online casino agent in Indonesia that provides various bets from many types of games. This online slot gambling site has the official international PAGGOR license to serve the Southeast Asian market with a vision to be the biggest and best online betting entertainment in Indonesia. You don’t need to hesitate to make Autobola the main place to enjoy various games as well as have the opportunity to win unlimited prizes.

This trusted Indonesian online gambling site continues to be dedicated to development and innovation to create fun new things for every member. This can be seen from unique games like Capit Duit that you can’t find on other betting sites. In addition, the support of providers that are increasingly becoming more and more proof of the world’s gaming industry’s trust in this site. Of course the challenges are not easy and therefore Autobola customer service is trained to be able to provide solutions, not just answer. Ask them anything and you will be able to experience 24-hour service that is completely different from other gambling agents.

Autobola really respects the privacy of each member and for that all transaction data is strictly confidential using an encryption security system equivalent to banking. An experienced IT team is placed to be able to provide non-stop entertainment ranging from slot gambling, live casino, soccer gambling, poker, shooting fish, cockfighting, lottery and many more. The integrated system makes you only need to use 1 ID to be able to play everything very easily, smoothly and quickly on any device.

Indonesia’s Trusted Online Casino Agent

Dice gambling games, roulette, Bacarrat, dragon-tiger certainly cannot be separated from an online betting site. To present this, Autobola brings 9 world-class trusted online casino agents to provide a comfortable playing experience for all members in Indonesia. Who are they?

The 3 Best Types of Online Casino

GAMBLING DICE: Another name for the dice gambling game is Sic Bo or better known in Indonesia as gambling koplok. This type of game uses three dice, a betting table and a closed black tube that is used to shuffle. How to play dice online is very simple because the dealer will shuffle three dice in a tube so that no one can see it. After finishing the dice, players are welcome to determine the value of the bet on a table that already provides a variety of number choices. After the bet is determined, the tube will be opened and if the number of the dice that appears is the same as the bet position, the player is declared to have won.

ROULETTE: Roulette or roulette comes from French which means small wheel. This game uses a spinning wheel where the side of the wheel contains the numbers 1 to 36 with a black-red color combination. To start betting, the player places the bet value on a table that already contains a choice of numbers 1 – 36 or a color combination. After the bet is determined, the dealer will insert a small metal ball into the spinning wheel and when the wheel stops the small metal ball will also stop showing a number on the side of the wheel. If the player chooses a bet on that number will be declared the winner.

BACCARAT: Baccarat is definitely one of the most popular online casino gambling because it is often played in famous movies. Playing baccarat is basically just choosing between Player, Banker or Tie (tie). Before the cards are dealt, the player chooses between the 3 choices after which the dealer will distribute 2 cards to the Player or Banker position. If the value of the Player’s card is greater than the Banker’s, the winner is the one who determines the value of the bet on the Player’s position, and vice versa. But if the card values ​​are the same then the winner will certainly place the bet on the Tie position.

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