Australian teen accused of making ‘fully functional’ 3D printed assault rifle at home

In this article, you will get all the data about Australian teen accused of making ‘truly aim’ 3D-printed assault rifle at home

A West Australian teenager has been charged with a string of gun offenses after police confiscated a 3D-printed firearm allegedly made at his home.

While they may seem like toys, plastic pistols pose a lethal threat, with police warning that semi-automatic rifles have the power to fire 15 rounds with a single pull set off.

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This marks the first time a homemade 3D-printed firearm has been found in WA, triggering issues that may also be related to guns elsewhere locally.

Detective Senior Sergeant Blair Smith states firearms have the power to inflict critical injuries across a group.

“It is unfortunate that this man (allegedly) produced this firearm at home with a 3D printer and available supplies,” he said.

“It could be a 9mm semi-automatic assault rifle basically.”

The weapon was made from ‘available’ supplies. Credit score: Ilmhunt

Intelligence brought police into the custody of the 18-year-old Bayswater earlier this month after they allegedly found a plastic firearm, along with gel explosives, ammunition, silencers and a barrel-making station at the house.

Police have launched a special task force, called Operation Fortitude Golf, to focus on individuals making firearms at home.

“Many of these firearms are unregulated, unlicensed and have no place in our group,” Smith said.

“Our workforce or drug and firearms squad will continue to seek out these individuals using all the information we have access to to find them, and you could be charged with a critical firearms offense.”

The {teenager}, who police have determined to be unlicensed to carry a firearm, has been charged with the offense along with 4 counts of possession of a prohibited weapon and one charge of manufacturing firearms and ammunition without a permit.

He is due to face the Perth Magistrates Court file next week.

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